By: candyfloss | Jan 19, 2009 04:08 PM

My colleagues and I, bored of the same old buffets, wanted to try out something new. So when someone suggested Jughead’s at Powai, we decided to give it a shot. And fortunately, we were not disappointed! Let’s start with the ambience. They play nice music and the décor is cute, with Archie’s comic strips on all the walls. They’ve also incorporated Archie’s comic characters in their menu, like Juggie’s Burgers. The spellings of some characters are hilarious though, like Beti’s (Betty’s) Sizzlers andHarmonica’s (Veronica’s) Pasta 🙂 You’d think that the owner would pay attention to details like the menu, but I guess not.

The tables are a little too close together, which gives the place a cluttered look. They could easily get rid of a few to make the space less claustrophobic because, usually, the place is not overcrowded. The table cloths and napkins are pretty clean, and the cutlery and crockery are spotless. The service is fast and efficient. The wait staff is very friendly and attentive, even when the restaurant is crowded. You can sit there and enjoy your meal, without feeling rushed. And when the restaurant is not crowded, they don’t hover near your table from lack of anything else to do, which is nice.
Now the important part… the food and drinks 🙂 I can’t comment on the cocktails because I’m sticking to my resolution (so far), but the mocktails are pretty good. The Virgin Peach Margherita was delicious, with a slice of peach artistically balanced on the rim. The Strawberry Margherita was ok too. I tried some of the other mocktails, and they were all quite delicious, but I just can’t remember the names. The iced teas are refreshing and not over sweetened. There’s also a decent selection of cocktails, juices, sodas, and milkshakes.
Then there are the soups, salads, and starters. Usually not a soup person, I did enjoy their Spinach and Walnut soup. My friends really liked their Mediterranean Pepper Soup if their Meg Ryan impressions (remember that restuarant scene from When Harry Met Sally?) are anything to go by. Their Avocado and Pasta salad scored high with us all, but the Tossed Salad was a bit limp. The starters are definitely their piece de resistance. My absolute favorites there are the California Olive Cheese Balls. These are stuffed olives fried in a spicy cheese dough. Not healthy, but really delicious! The Spinach and Cheese Rolls and Cottage Cheese Fiero are amazing too, and the Roman Fritters just about ok. And there’s a lot more to try out next time we head there.
Not one to be too adventurous with my main course, I chose the Vegetable Lasagna, which is served with garlic bread. I loved their presentation, specially the olives artistically placed over the thick layer of cheese on top. The vegetables were delicately spiced and the lasagna sheets were cooked just right. The Arabiatta pastawas delicious too. The Boston Bake, a baked dish with spinach and corn, and the Thai Curry served with rice were great too. Next time, I plan to try their sizzlers, which I’ve heard good things about.
And now my favorite part… the deserts! If you go around Christmas, don’t be tempted to order the Christmas Pudding, or you’ll be disappointed! They tried to pass off a few slices of fruit cake and some custard spread over it as Christmas pudding. Fortunately, the Sizzling Brownie, with tons of chocolate sauce made up for the pudding faux pas. Their Apple Pie with ice cream and Chocolate Mousse are good too.
I know this review is only about the vegetarian food, but I’ll try to get some inputs from my meat-eating friends and elaborate on that aspect. From what I’ve heard, the non-veg is even better than the vegetarian options. The portion sizes are really good, and so is the presentation. The food isn’t spectacular, but it is pretty good, very fast, and reasonably priced. A meal for two, including non-alcoholic drinks, would cost between INR 800 and 1000, definitely value for money!

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California Olive Cheese Balls