Master Photojournalist and lensman Mukesh Trivedi.

Master Photojournalist and lensman Mukesh Trivedi.

By Elsie Gabriel

Mukesh and Mudit Trivedi.When I met Mukesh Trivedi a dozen years ago I figured out that the essence of good photojournalism is the interaction of an empathetic photographer with the scene. I know most  photographers must operate within  limitations , but Mukesh goes beyond the photographer and the scene, and weaves a story  from the integrity of that interaction.

Mukesh is a natural when it comes to reporting in frames. Mukesh is a photographer par excellence who has  turned photography into photography of exceptions and captivating stories. The whole, rich panorama of the wildlife world, bio- diversity, celebrations and festivals as well as human situations became one with him and his camera.His mission is to always leave some little visual record of what he captured with an indepth message.

Once I saw Mukesh doing the  Dhunuchi Bengali dance at the Durga Puja festival here in Powai Mumbai, he was in a trance, one with the traditional dance as if evoking blessings from the night skies above for the whole wide world below…. The dhunuchi dance is a devotional folk dance. He danced in front of the deity, to the beat of large resounding drums beats in sheer devotion. And then he captured the most realistic extravagant frames one after the other, non stop in a frenzy…. of the other devotees dancing, the essence of the smoke and fire evolving from the diya pots and the group celebrations. It was spiritual, the whole scene and his work, truly involved in what he captured. He turns the objective into subjective, and then the subjective into the objective and he knows when!

Mukesh Trivedi dancing at Durga Pujo.Powai.As a wildlife photographer I have watched him closely shoot with his lenses  outdoors, as if first securing permission from the environment. With utmost respect for his subject, the Powai lake crocodiles, the flaura and the fauna, the flamingoes at the creeks and the birds on the trees are captured, held in time and frozen with sheer bliss and appreciation for nature.

Mukesh hates drama, he cuts the chase and hunts for the right story in the mundane things, everyday things and empowers that sight for a lifetime. He is a powerful  lensman and has walked the tight rope of learning with experience of trial and error which makes him a first class cameraman with a purpose.

Mukesh Holi hai!!!Ofcourse his pictures have also been widely exhibited in NIP, NCPA, Jehangir Art Gallery,Rodas Ecotel photography exhibitions and the Young Environmentalists Wild life Wetlands photography exhibitions done in association with WWF and in many private displays too. Almost 15 years of experience and his work can be seen in popular Newspapers, Photography and  magazines.

Mukesh always works to bring back photos that are not only accurate to what he witnesses, but also to provide compelling images that make people want to stop and look. This is his primary focus every time he picks up the camera.