[quote]I have been hearing complaints about the nuisance caused by garbage dumped on the pavement near HFS on  twitter for sometime now, finally Mr. Vikram Singh from the twitter list has sent some pictures and explained the situation. Mr. Vikram Singh can be reached at vikramsingh(at)vsfilms.com . I would like to thank Mr. Singh for the extra effort he has taken to bring some order here. [/quote]

At 2.30 pm when the bell rings and happy little children come pouring out of Hiranandani Foundation School the traffic outside is at its densest. Horns blaring, short tempered and sweaty drivers engaged in risky maneuvers are a common sight. When such traffic is screaming all around you can take comfort in the fact that you, the Pedestrian, are not having to brave the oncoming trucks or buses because there is a beautiful pavement to walk on. Or is there?

Over the last couple of months Jal Vayu Vihar sector ‘B’ and Anjeneya societies have taken over the pavement to dump their garbage on. This reader has personally met the manager of Jal Vayu sector ‘B’, the sweepers and security guards of both societies and requested them to not encroach upon the pavement with their garbage. I have even shown them these pictures but they refuse to do anything about it.

Of particular concern is the fact that cars are double and sometimes triple parked at this spot. In addition there is a small dip in the road that creates a puddle in the rain. Most children coming out of school have to go all the way to the center of the road to cross this patch. With trucks and buses plying and the road jam-packed it doesn’t take much imagination to think of what a big disaster is waiting to happen. Of course it seems that both the societies won’t budge till such a disaster does actually happen.