JAGO Powai….an initiative by the residents of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai for restoring Central Avenue Road to it’s earlier beautiful state. The idea is to create an awareness about the traffic rules and regulations…..to make the area more clean and litter free by avoiding feeding pigeons……and educating the community at large not to litter the area.

What started off with a group of volunteers holding “No Entry” sign boards and manning the road in the mornings and evenings slowly grew in numbers and we gradually saw the results as the road started getting cleared of traffic jams and the vehicles moved smoothly. While volunteers put in tremendous efforts daily in the foreground, other senior members worked hard in the background of meeting and following up with senior traffic and BMC officials and pushing them into action. As per the ACP of traffic, very soon proper marked parking and No Entry signs would be implemented and all encroachments would be cleared. Traffic wardens are already guarding the street throughout the day and nabbing offenders.

We also urge people NOT TO FEED THE PIGEONS on the road. The main reason is to prevent death under wheels as daily there are several of them getting killed being run over by passing vehicles. This is completely inhuman as they too are living beings. HFS school children and CMCA too joined in our efforts and had a PUBLIC AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to educate the shopkeepers to keep the areas clean and avoid littering and feeding pigeons. The kids also put up informative banners and are in the process of presenting handwritten letters to the officials for our appeals.

The good news is that we’ve received positive response and support from officials, shopowners and even societies on that road in our endeavor.

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This is just the beginning and we still have a long way to go. Our strength lies in unity and we urge all to join us and contribute in whatever way they can. Let us restore back our beautiful complex to it’s earlier clean, litter free and decongested state.

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