Talent Stimulants creates a paradigm-shift in Child Education

All the recent studies suggest that our children are stressed out in some or other form handling the pressure of the performance, competition, comparison, exams, admissions and on top of it, the expectations of their parents. At times it is the parents who pass on their stress and inflated expectation to their kids, in some cases it is simply the peer pressure or the combination of all these factors. But we cannot deny that this is making the lives of the children very difficult and at such tender age they are ill-equipped to handle such pressure effectively. According to Talent Stimulants Founder & CEO, Ashish Mishra, the situation is going to get worse and our kids need to learn to handle such stress, this is of utmost importance for the all-round growth of the children.

Ashish Mishra further emphasises that we can try to change the external factors and policies, such changes take time and pressure will always show up in some or other form so we just cannot escape it. The wise and practical thing to do is to empower our children with the ways to handle it effectively. This has been the main focus at Talent Stimulants to coach in Life-Skills, they also cover the academic topics including Maths and Science such that the kids feel comfortable with the complicated topics and get a handle on them. There is strategic use of multimedia content to fuel the imagination of the children where they feel motivated to explore on their own and learn.

“I was surprised to see the level of anxiety and uncertainty in the kids that we met in last few months” Ashish said. “This needs to be taken care of starting at an early age and Talent Stimulants is our effort towards handling this issue”.

The schools or the parents can help their children with this, however only to a certain extent, after that there is mental block with the children, such is the relationship and this needs to be done by a third party. In fact, to be effective, this needs a third party like Talent Stimulants, a place where kids can speak their minds and a group that becomes their support system.

Talent Stimulants  was founded by like-minded IT Professionals and Corporate Trainers who feel passionately about Education System in our country and want to make a difference. 25% of the enrolments are free of cost for the under-privileged children of our society. You can reach them at 9820038054 or email


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