I used to love, Raheja Vihar Chandivili, it was a secluded township, where there were no corporate offices and though it never had too many open spaces, it was serene and quiet as the the township is landlocked and there is no throughfare and so traffic was not such a big problem then, but I am talking of 2004, whenI had to shift temporarily for some time there.

The ground which is no more, opp the BSS

But on my visit yesterday, I was overwhelmed by how the open spaces have been consumed, there used to be a huge playground opp the Bombay scottish school, where now stands a massive building, cars are parked on both sides of the road, making the narrow roads narrower, there is only one access road, which is very dangerous as its got a blind spot, though there are guards guarding the entrance. I get the feeling the people of this townshop are victims to over-development.( Is that anything new in Mumbai?). The roads are becoming narrower, there is dust where new buildings are coming up, which can be huge health hazard.

Do the flat owners and residents have a choice once they have purchased their houses, or are they supposed to be mute spectators of developers and BMC exploiting every square feet of land and sky. The residents of Raheja Vihar, recently spoke up against “The Pawar Public school” shifting their premises albiet temportarity to the vacant lying “Municipal Training Institute”. The residents are protesting that the school will add to their woes as the infrastructure of the area is already poor and its existence will create further problems.

“We are not against the school but the infrastructure cannot hold another school,” said JP Shetty. He added that the complex had an entry and exit of only 40 feet which is used by over 4,000 residents and the Bombay Scottish School which has around 2,000 students. “Because of the banquet hall and call centre towards the exit for the half kilometre distance we need to take to reach the main road, we take almost 45 minutes to reach there,” complained Shetty. (Source DNA)

To make matters worse, the popular Megarugas Banquet Hall is situated right at the single entrance to the locality. On the days that the hall hosts weddings or functions, the entire stretch is packed with cars, aggravating the traffic situation. There is also an Ice factory at the entrance which further add to the traffic.

What do you think, would give respite to the traffic congestation and the over-development? the school is a temporary arrangement as per Ms Sule, whereas the over-development will have permanent side-effects?. Do the developers and the authorities need to be accountable to the residents living there?? Do you as a resident know what is happenening, and why are you losing all your open spaces, are you sure that the over-development is perfectly legal? Have any of the laws been misused, what are your thoughts, do let me know.