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Introducing Profiles to make a big impact!

We can write interesting profiles to boost your businesses

Everyone has a story. Is your story worth telling? If your story is worth telling, we have an Author/Journalist who actually specialises in writing business profiles.

Stories sell products

People don’t just buy a product because they need it. Don’t we all have a plethora of choices about why we buy certain brands only? That’s why we believe that anything which is projected with a story adds more brand value.

What is the story of your brand?

Do you think the vision of the brand needs to be communicated to your market?

Have you heard the term - Competition is for losers

Well, if you are competing on price, then it is racing to the bottom. When a product becomes a commodity, you can no longer demand your price. You are then one of the many to chase a crowded market place.

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In case you have a compelling story to tell, we have an answer to that. We can offer the services of our senior writer to pen a 2000 word story showcasing a 3D vision of you and your company. This story will be published on our website and promoted on our social media handles.

The bonus is that you can use your story on your business and company website.

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