Powai recently witnessed the launch of a swanky new wholesale drinking lounge – 38 Degree East. The lounge is situated opposite the Beautiful Powai Lake and offers patrons a lovely view of the same from the comfortable seating on the terrace.

Customers can enjoy the balmy breeze on the terrace, the attractive interiors of the dining area on the ground floor, and the fun and lively bar on the first floor with its graffiti filled walls, colourful lights, great music and a range of creatively prepared cocktails and mocktails. Not to forget, the delectable Pan Asian cuisines which were very well received as they pleased the taste buds of customers and connoisseurs alike on the day of the launch.


The interesting part of this place is not just the location and beauty of the interiors; it is the food and drinks that are the cherry on the cake. The food is amazingly delicious and presented in such a lovely manner, that one couldn’t eat without appreciating the ingenuity. The drinks are another surprise. They have done full justice to the word innovative presentation. The Minty Orange Tequila Smash has become a hot favourite not only due to its bubbly presentation but also due to its lingering taste.

To top it all, the ambiance, the delicious food and the drinks, this lounge has introduced the concept of wholesale drinking wherein the more you drink, the less you pay; which is definitely a plus when you have a big gang of friends ready to party. The pricing is inversely proportional to the amount you drink! Isn’t’ that great news for
those who love to enjoy their drink in wonderful ambiance and great company? Time to visit 38 Degree East then!

These guys definitely know how to please their customers, not just with their food and drinks, but with their warm hospitality as well.

Plan a party here and it is sure to become the new favourite of your guests in no time. The gracious hospitality of the staff here is another factor that would ensure that your party is a success. For fun evenings and a great time, do try 38 Degree East, the next hot spot for parties and celebrations in Powai.

You can connect with 38 Degree East on:

Facebook: facebook.com/38DegreeEast

Twitter: twitter.com/38DegreeEast

Instagram: instagram.com/38DegreeEastOfficial

Website: www.38degreeEast.com