Aarey Milk Colony is the last of remaining green patch of Mumbai City. Some youths along with some seniors have initiated a project and putting their best efforts to see that we dont lose this green cover. While the group has not been very succesful, they have tried, in mustering quite a bit of support, even as far away from UK.

The Aarey Milk Colony officials have to come clean of what area they have reserved for conservation. The idea of a golf course approved by the then Shiv Sena government has been turned in to a garish looking resort called Royal Palms. Why do we let developers and politicians get away with right from under our noses. On the other side the Raheja’s and the Oberoi’s have also started develoment activities and slowly reducing the green cover which the city deserves. There is also a commando training camp which is going to be set up there (according to Manish), thus reducing access to Aarey Milk Colony for us. Recently the the Aarey CEO was accused of demanding Rs 5 lac bribe and was caught red handed with Rs 1 lac. (source Indian Express ) .

Manish Gadia along with other organisations and nature clubs has initiated a  SAVE AAREY MILK COLONY project on Facebook, do check the 14 miniute interview I recorded with him in Aarey and please do support him and his friends to save almost the last remaining green patch in Mumbai.