Mindgardenz is a five garden virtual estate spread across the fields of Education, Training, Consulting, Library and Counselling. We aim at serving individuals, institutions and corporates with differentiated solutions to enhance their value proposition. Our five gardens have interconnected pathways with the intention of providing a holistic approach to value addition through knowledge sharing, engagement, mentoring and learning. Mindgardenz is an initiative promoted by Kirk D’Cruz who has been passionate about the world of intellectual capital. Our platform maximizes value through “nurturing the mind” and “cultivating the intellect”.

Kirk  who has been connected with the Energy sector for over two decades, specializing in Sales, Marketing and more recently in Information Technology, has this to say

[quote]I see Energy very closely linked to Information. In a sense, energy is information and information is energy. At a human level, armed with the right amount of information, we feel energized. This can only be possible if there is a direct link between the two. The beauty about disseminating knowledge, is that it not only energises the receiver but also the giver. I’m happy to play a small part in this area as much as a giver as a beneficiary.[/quote]