She was the finlaist at Mrs Gladrags Mrs India 2009,A resident of Powai for the past 11 years, a doting mother and  loving wife Eakta Menon, is actively  involved in creating social awareness and works wtih numerous NGO’s to make the place we live a better place for the children. catches up for a short interview. Watch the video or read the transcript and please post your comments below.
  • How long have you been living in Powai? And why did you decide to make Powai as your home?

We came to Bombay essentially  for work, I was working for Indian Airlines and was posted  to Bombay also my husband works for Air India We found it very convenient as it is closer to the Airport. He found Powai very beautiful, because of the lake and greenery maintained by Hiranandani’s. It was so open and there was hardly any crowd way back in ‘98 that was the prime reason we wanted to live in Powai.

  • How has Powai changed in your opinion?

It is still beautiful, but it really troubles to see all the Hills dissapearing slowly, inspite of the efforts of some alert citizens.

  • What kind of extra amenities would you like, which are at present lacking in Powai?

Actually I don’t want theatres here , because it would get too crowded, I would like some kind of traffic sense maintained here. Something can be done to maintain traffic. Shopping or a extra outlet of Mcdonalds:)

  • You were one of the finalist of Mrs Gladrags 2009, Please tell us about your experience at Gladrags and how did it happen to you?

One of my friend who was taking part, insisted that I at least apply for it. It was such a wonderful experience, working and learning with Maureen Wadia made us ready for anything.

We would train very hard from morning 7am to 11pm, it included Leena Mogre gym workouts, choreographers who taught us ramp walks We had to walk continuously for 6 hours to train,it was very tasking,but we loved it.As far as the selection process goes the were many entries from India and abroad.

I would really love to help or mentor aspirants who want to take part for Miss India or such kind of events as my gratitude.