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Powai – 16 March 08 : “Woman is a paragon of all virtues” … Shakespeare. This became apparent amongst the women during the celebration of Women’s Day on March 7, 2008 at the Mission Swayam Siddha (MSS) office at Powai. MSS – the mission to empower socially and economically disadvantaged women through vocational training, education and employment, had been accomplished to a great extent, and the beneficiaries were smiling! One of the MSS volunteers addr

essed the group of 18 trainees under the MSS programme, saying that women were special and gifted enough to fight obstacles courageously in the journey of becoming self-reliant, without any compulsions or need of tolerating injustice of any kind. Many live examples of brave women were quoted from all strata of society, who have come up the hard way and made a mark for themselves with relentless determination. The trainees were inspired by these anecdotes and resolved to prove themselves and forge ahead to become Swayam Siddhas. Many of them came forward to appreciate steps taken by MSS to improve their lot and alleviate their sufferings. Quite a few of them were married, but now deserted prematurely by their husbands, and they shared how MSS has helped them to learn ways and means to earn their livelihood with dignity and take care of themselves and their kids. They all were enthusiastic and admitted that they loved learning and working at MSS. One of the women even gifted a box of chocolates to MSS volunteers as a token of thanks. The session ended with tea and snacks organized by MSS volunteers, and all the women were presented a fresh red rose before dispersing. (To contact the Mission, email at