Over 200 activists and cycle enthusiasts gathered and participated to create awareness regarding the environmental message of alternative commuting  on the day of Car Free day celebrations here at Powai.

Veteran cyclist, some of whom have cycled internationally participated .Among them were professionals like Shammi Sethi, Vishal Sharma, Uchil Anil, Firoza Cyclists, Aryanka Hosbetkar,Satish Kumar Swargam, Kailash Khergamkar and many others who came from as far as Worli, Mulund, Bandra and Borivali to create environmental awareness. Several corporates and institutes like Meluha the Fern ecotel, Justbooks, Hakone,Crossword,Shakti group pvt ltd, Beatle hotel, Kkaya Sutra spa,IIT-B Powai, KV-IIT powai and Hiranandani Foundation School as well as many from S.M.Shetty and Bombay Scottish schools too. The logistics and event route was guided by the Hiranandani administration and commando’s.“Rodas ecotel was proud to participate and cycle to create this awareness, this interaction with the community is what drives our eco events.”added Daniel Chatterton chief of the Green team of the Rodas ecotel while flagging off the event .Several riders from Worli came to join hands with Young Environmentalists, said  Aryanka Hosbetkar one of the riders, “The spirit of the community is  alive, We want to join Young Environmentalists in their efforts, they are highly motivated. Every support counts. We rode all the way from Worli to Powai and will ride back too.”

Traffic Police chief, R.C. Patil of Powai sent his message for the event saying, “We won’t solve this problem unless each person contributes. Please join us by doing your part to reduce global warming. The entire planet and future generations are counting on you. Respect for the other commuters is a must while observing traffic rules.”

Many cyclists who have participated in international cycling joined the Young Environmentalists and Rodas ecotel cycle rally. An ardent cyclo-commuter Anil Uchil who has cycled in Europe kick started the Car free day cycle rally with over 200 participants. Uchil believes in cycling and recycling said at the flagoff, “I love cycling and because it’s practical, cycling is the fastest way of getting around in Mumbai.  Car-Free Day is a great initiative by Young Environmentalists, and it will undoubtedly go a long way in enhancing awareness about environmental issues.”

Says another cyclist Shammi Sethi at the event, “Am a cycling enthusiast. Every effort counts. I cycle not only because I love to but I feel like it’s my way of saving the planet. I am happy to be cycling for the Young Environmentalists rally today.”
Ofcourse Vishal Sharma veteran cyclists came in with his Merc Benz cycle which floored one and all. It was an educating and fun day for many specially those who took home the message about sacrificing cars for one day atleast!

Young Environmentalists Team leaders Shreyas Sirigeri and Pooja Singh spearheaded the cycling rally after months of co-ordination and ignited the support of the entire team. This is what is called re-cycling team spirit!