Mrs. Surekha Suresh Chavan, fondly known as Tai (Elder Sister) is a respected and well revered social worker. Born and brought up in Tirandaaz Gaothan (Village behind IIT Market) in a middle class environment Tai has been imbibed with culture and values that resonates with Powai. Tai has seen the entire area grow in front of her and knows the by lanes, localities and most importantly the people. She has been actively involved in social work for the past 25-30 years and is well known and well received across entire area amongst people both old and young. Tai continues to have a clean image even after so many years of being involved in social work without even a speck of allegation ever made against her.

Tai has always believed in Social work over politics and has actively participated in tackling issues related to health, hygiene and sanitation amongst the less fortunate of the masses and has worked and will continue to work towards their social upliftment. Tai is very aggressive when faced with issues related to safety and security and of women in particular. She has helped a lot of women in cases related to dowry, domestic violence and false prosecution.

Tai Worked for more than a decade in Mohalla committee and received a certificate of appreciation from Maha Govt. Tai has been instrumental in creating awareness about importance of education at Wada, Jawahar and Vikramgad Adivasi pada’s (Localities) also spreading messages amongst the masses about the importance of child health, polio campaigns, nutrition requirement for both mother and child, sanitation, hygiene and educational importance for girl child. Tai has fought bureaucracy, MCGM corporators, corporates and conglomerates like Hiranandani builders for rights of native Adivasi people.

Tai thinks from her heart and is a go-getter. Tai has developed her skills by being hands on in tackling the issues of the common people and is always available and easily approachable.

We (Tai’s believers) would request your help to further motivate her in continuing and expanding her good work by casting your invaluable vote in her favor in the coming MCGM election. She has been an independent women all her life and is now an independent candidate represented by the symbol of “Coconut”. Your help and motivation by way of ballot will go a long way in improving Powai.