This article was sent to me by Vandana Dev, she has been battling with sleep issues for the past month as there is terrible noise of these metal things on the roads – especially when a heavy vehicle runs over it.

Here is what she wants to say –
This article appeared in Mumbai Mirror of Sunday, April 17, 2011.
It says,” the noise level was high at 78 decibels during the day whereas the permissible limit is 55 decibels”
I am happy to know that the IIT campus will be fitted with noise barriers but how about the people living on the other side of Adi Shankaracharya Marg? From IIT main gate till Pizza Hut, there are many metal plates on the road. They are not fixed on the road and they make horrible load noise when ever any vehicle passes over them. Can MMRDA at least fix these plates properly so we can have a sound sleep at night?

Below I have copy pasted the article by Yogesh Naik and Deepti Khera for Mumbai Mirror

After long, students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B) might hear the sound of birds cooing on their campus. The institute’s Powai campus will soon be fitted with noise barriers to block out the din of vehicles zipping past on the adjacent Adi Sankaracharya Road.A noise barrier is a mural fencing that prevents noise from entering the barricaded area by either blocking out the sound or by absorbing it (see box). High vehicular traffic on Jogeshwari-Vikhroli Link Road has given rise to increased decibel levels in the area.This causes untold disturbance to those studying and staying on the campus. Formerly a two-lane road, MMRDA widened to make it a six-lane street.After repeated complaints to the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority, which is executing the link road project, the authority has agreed to install a noise barrier.

Following complaints from the institute, the agency commissioned a study a few months ago to study the extent of noise pollution.“The study revealed that the noise level was high at 78 decibels during the day whereas the maximum permissible limit is 55 decibels,” said Raghunath Mahabal, of the Thane based Mahabal Enviro-Engineers which conducted the study. MMRDA’s Chief Engineer V Godbole said, “The noise barrier is estimated to cost Rs 4.24 crore and it will be a kilometre long. We will set a six-month deadline for the contractor to complete the task.”

How quiet was our campus

Dean of IIT-B, Dr K V K Rao, said employees who stay on the campus had been complaining about the noise. “Nearly eight months ago, we took up the issue with our management which followed up the matter with MMRDA.” “After we gave land to MMRDA to widen the road, some of the buildings on the Powai campus almost skirted the road,” said director of IIT-B, Devang Thakkar. We asked MMRDA to fit noise barriers and they agreed.” However, a student who puts up at the institute’s hostel raised an altogether different issue. “Hope the noise barrier will block the sound. But what about vehicular emission?” said a student who did not wish to be named. “At one time, our college campus was like an oasis.”