I surrender my right to vote….


The more I think, the more I am convinced that this drummed up hype of “Jaagofying andvoting” is clearly a case of “brainless brawn”.

I realize that I might be appearing un-patriotic, and irresponsible, but then “appearances be damned”, I guess I have the right to an opinion. (Guys keep the hate mail coming…I am sure “The Art Of Jingo” is an important aspect of your everyday valour….)

Voting almost seems to be a “for a choice” between the devil and the sea (I excluded “deep blue”, I would like to work for them one day…:-))

Some of my meditations on this topic are as follows (in no particular order):

  1. I look at a Varun Gandhi and wonder, does he represent me? On the other side of the fence, does his cousin represent me.
  2. Does Narenda Modi and his shining Gujrat entice me to move to Gujarat?
  3. Do Mayawati, Laloo, the Thackeray’s ever feature in any movie save my nightmare?
  4. My mom votes every year – she does not vote for an agenda or a candidate, she votes for a party. Even if Kasab stood on the BJP ticket, she would vote for him. Same with my dad. Do I have any such strong affiliations?
  5. When I look at the people around me, my colleagues at office, neighbours at home, immediate and far flung family – I struggle to see how they can elect anyone “sensible” (which should be read as someone I relate to). Note, my colleagues, neighbours and family represent the intelligentsia educated fraternity of this country.

What do I expect, do I expect utopia? Here are some of “the simple life things” in a very random order

  1. Clean and drivable roads.
  2. A playground where my kids can play.
  3. A sense of culture and belonging (which I sorely miss….I feel for more Pandit Bhimsen Joshi than I feel for India….is it really “my country”, whereas Panditji is “mine”, he is a part of me, though he is far away in Pune, a complete stranger to me….point is, I don’t get a feeling of belonging in India). On the topic of culture, is breaking mosques my culture? Is beating north Indians my culture? Is bribe-eating pandus (cops) my culture? Are insatiable politicos my culture? Is the current bollywood representative of me? Is the current music (Abhijeet Sawant and the ilk) my culture? Get the drift….what happened to street plays, what happened to classical music, what happened to kutcheris, what happened to Taraporewala Aquarium, what happened to Haji Ali?
  4. Healthcare – a simple stroke victim recently ran up a bill of 8L in our family. I am not sure how many people can afford that? Does that mean we let the others die.
  5. Accountability – My boss screws my happiness, every time I make a small mistake. He judges me by (mutually agreed) targets he sets for me. Can we see somesemblance of goal-report card model in polity.
  6. Transparency – Every year 100 million fucking bunnies like me pay 31% tax and 2.2 % cess on top of it. The 2.2% cess is for education. Pray, what and who are we educating. The Muncipal school opposite the L&T office at Powai is ghost town with crumbling walls. 20L and it can be made into a nice spanking school…..Is my 2.2% not enough?
  7. Merit. An actor who is also a gun totting terrorist can stand in elections, anyone heard of “social contribution?” A SC student can get into AIIMS with 60% marks, whereas general category cannot get in with even 97% (for God’s sake, you jackasses we are talking future doctors here), a girl can get into IIM far easily as compared to a guy (+ve gender bias)…..

Each of these examples are fairly easy to implement/correct if we have will (both political and collective). The point is we have neither political will nor collective will.

As I said before, there is corruption, root level decay in something as simple as my apartment society office (I live at Raheja in Powai). Large scale misadministration is apparent to even a non-involved person like me. another example from my housing complex – every maid who has to work in the Raheja Vihar complex has to pay the Security guard Rs.200 a month as “maintenance charges”.

If the decay is so fundamental, and so ingrained in our DNA, what is the point we are making. Where is the choice, how is A going to be better than B or C or Z or Abu Salem?

Okay, some smart jackass said vote for Meera Sanyal (“she represents the educated YOU”….you kidding, in my eyes, she’s an uglier looking Aishwarya Rai, a dumb blonde to the core…her plugs on TV are hilarious…she has no context of her own bank’s problems…lets completely skip the nation bit).

Others say why not vote for Capt. Gopinath (the ex-Pilot ran a populist private airline company…yes, you heard right, like Ratan Tata, capt runs companies which do “charity”… how can we believe he will ever stop farmer subsidies and national rip off).

Is it all gloomy and doomsday? Not really, I think if each of us worked hard for our sense of completion – a la Ayn Rand, we could bring this nation a better report card…..but that preachy theory is for another day.

Voting Card:
I pay 33% of my hard earned wealth as taxes. The cash hungry politics want my vote(or do they?) and yet they cannot get a simple voting card right. I have voting registration from two different constituencies, both with incorrect/incomplete information, inspite of me having filled it correct 4 times recently at multiple places on each of the forms.

evm2 ballot-unit-of-evm

Voting machine:

I wonder how much effort does it take to tamper a BHEL voting machine. Various ways in which you can do it:

  1. Switch the DRAM in which the votes are stored.
  2. The names on the voting panel are written on paper, like a phone fast dial….switch the paper names before voting, and then reverse it before sending it for counting.
  3. Don’t booth capture the booth, but capture the machine in transit and replace it. “BHEL EVMs – by the elected MPs, for the elected MPs, of the elected MPs”

I can provide another 50 ways of doing it. Its all there easy to find on google.

I am not only the tiny 1% of India which is educated, but even within that 1% I am off the standard deviation curve, which means I am totally not representative of the nation.

My alienation/estrangement is complete, not just with the polity, but with the world as a whole. Why right do I even have to choose a representative? Hence, I voluntarily give up 🙂 (The modern pink slip….companies force you to resign rather than chuck you out, “its better for YOUR career.”)

28th April is a day to relax, a holiday for me. While India does Jaagore.com, I will do extended dream catching.