Hiranandani Gardens is well maintained township but few glaring, sore points can be noticed here, which need to be corrected to make it Pedestrian Safe.

1. Drain Covers need replacement

The drain cover on many footpaths are broken. The one in front of the Heera Panna complex is broken and not attended to despite complaints. Also the footpath is poorly lit causing accidents.

My daughter’s leg got caught in it up to her knee and she needed help to be taken out. There were iron bars and concrete which caused much bruising. Also the footpaths end abruptly. The one near Eden bungalows needs to be continuous. I hope repair is done in this area after this matter appears in the Powai Info. The footpaths in Hiranandani need to be as good as the roads of Hiranandani.

2. Relocating Hawkers

The road next to the north wall of the Heera Panna complex is being occupied by the vegetable and fruit vendors. This makes it difficult for walkers, causes congestion and traffic jams.

I propose to allow the hawkers and vendors to use the large ground near Prathamesh towers. It is an abandoned area which can be put to effective use.

This may be cleaned and leveled by the BMC and made into a vegetable and fruit hawkers hub. Maintenance charges may be levied. They may be regulated to clean the area prior to departure everyday and fines levied for defaulters.

The vegetable vendors allowed next to the bus depot in front of Jal Vayu Vihar is a welcome step.

3. Annual Festivals – Durga Puja Pandals traffic snarls

The annual Durga Puja pandal in front of Jal Vayu Vihar causes some serious traffic snarls. This could be avoided by restricting it to be a three day affair only. Loudspeakers should be allowed till 10 pm only with volume restrictions. The loud music and noise causes much distress especially to the elderly and students.

Another major oversight in preparing the Puja ground is that the wooden boards are placed on uneven ground causing difficulty in walking. There are gaps left between the boards and the stalls which are not visible and this causes people falling and hurting themselves. So if the organisers wish to have a safe celebration, they should pay attention to these flaws.

A suggestion is being made for conducting cultural functions as Durga Puja, in the ground near MTNL building. This will avoid the inconvenience caused to the residents.

4. Speeding Vehicles

I would like to bring to the notice of the residents that speeding vehicles are leading to many accidents in our area. Recently a speeding motor cyclist knocked down an elderly person near Bhakti mart causing him deep head injuries.He was supposed to travel abroad and his tickets got wasted due to the rash act of a rider in hurry.Security cameras should be positioned on the roads to curb speeding and offenders punished.There are some cameras at the main Hirananadani roads but accidents don’t happen there. Each street should have some security measures set up.

I too encountered a speeding auto rickshaw which hit the rear of my car and it toppled over. Luckily, we were unhurt.

5. S M School Busses management

The school buses parked on both sides of the road of SM Shetty school create a narrow space for pedestrians and other vehicles. As this is the only entry road to Hiranandani from Chandivali. The school authority may be directed to create parking space inside the school premises.

6. Powai Vihar and Vijay Vihar Issues

A footpath needs to be constructed along the Powai Vihar and Vijay Vihar to allow pedestrians to pass safely.

This article is an effort to bring these discrepancies in and around Hiranandani to the concerned and remedial steps taken in due course.

Please note the views expressed here of the author andnot necessarily the publishers.