After 10 years and many broken backs and axles, the road at Kailash Complex is repaired. Powai-ites have literally taken to the road to celebrate this historic moment in the history of this small, leafy, hilly, bustling concrete suburb.


Below are some of the reactions from important Powai-ites.

Praveen Shah – (Likes to enjoy Life)

I have been praying at a Powai temple every Saturday for last so many years, so this road could get repaired. My back is totally broken and so is my bank balance due to the expensive price of drinks in Powai restaurants.

This repaired roads means I will be able to travel to Vikhroli and Ghatkopar for my drinks, also it becomes a bit awkward bumping into family in Powai bars.

Padmanabhan Iyer – House wife + Owner of FB group ( Mums of Powai)

Mums of Powai have for the past 10 years strived to make the road motor-able, we have organised many networking parties at the best restaurants in Powai and called in the fortune teller and tarot readers to our themed networking event (Only for ladies).

Finally, our hard work (networking) has borne fruits. We are going to celebrate this newly repaired road by organizing a networking event and are looking for a venue. Stay tuned.

Uday Panwani (Member of a Right-Wing Organisation)

We want development and the reason why this road is repaired is because India is the first county in the world to develop the “formula mixture” for filling pot holes in the year AD 536.

We Indians possess the technology but fail at application, with our Government in Power I am confident we will be able to fill all pot holes in Powai.

Shubhangi Patwardhan – Owner of FB group – Make Powai Women Great Again.

We have been instrumental in raising the income of small women based businesses of Powai. This has increased the GDP of Powai and thus resulted in more taxes being paid to the Government. The government noticed this as thus put Kailash Complex on the road map of India.

I am going to celebrate this historic occasion with all great women of Powai by going to a local NGO and donating free goodies.

I am also going to invite myself to TEDx Powai to talk about how we made this impossible thing possible. I am currently busy making a PPT while driving my son to school, so please excuse me while I pay the havaldar a fine.

PS – Please don’t forget to add the link to “Make Powai Women Great Again” below my quote.

While everyone is having such a jolly good time celebrating the new Kailash Complex Road, this author felt like celebrating his joy with other Powai-ites by writing this satire.

Disclaimer – All names and group mentioned here are fictitious and resemblances are purely coincidental.