The streets of Hiranandani Powai now has camera's watching you. (opinion Poll)

Big brother is watching you, the streets are no longer free as it used to be, we are being watched (ofcourse for our own safety) , so be wary what you wear, who you meet, and and what you do. This is the future of a free community, and evolution of us humans.

Hiranandani builders have taken the extreme (maybe paranoid) steps and gone ahead and mounted camera’s on their streets, I have been able to spot only two camera’s on Central Avenue , one is right at DMART/Aromas junction and the other is near HSBC bank (marked in this picture). I recently took a opinion survey on Facebook about what the residents think about these mounted camera’s on the streets. To my surprise most of the residents think that’s its very necessary and important for their safety and particularly children’s safety.

Lat week 2 bag snatchers were caught because these camera’s recorded the entire bag snatching event. Read article here . So what do you think about these camera’s , there seems to be a general consensus among people that camera’s will help improve safety. I have no doubts on that, but at what costs?? Isnt it a caged existence, technology has made us traceable through cell phone, internet and now we are even being watched on the streets. Are other communities in Mumbai going to follow?  I would still like to do another opinion poll, please participate in the poll below and lets have a mandate.