Many residents are complaining a foul smell in Hiranandani Gardens Powai, we want to find where is the genesis of this stench and who is responsible.  The origin is a mystery, some say its the Godgrej Factory, other claim its the water recycling plant at Kensignton, or the Vermiculture bins at Rodas Ecotel. I hope the babu’s from pollution control and environmental protection board keep their briefcases shut and take actions against the erring establishment responsible for the foul smell and let us know about the same. The issue was raised by Sudha Kanago a resident of Lake Castle Hiranandani gardens on twitter, where I Picked up the news and other residents have joined her with similar complaints, check out the below comments for the same.

RT @SudhaKanago: Powai seems to be full of foul smell certain times of the day! Can hardly keep windows open on the non lake facing side.

  • Vinay Sharma ‎.. I suspect it is from the small scale industries at Kherani road.
    • Anuradha W Ramachandran Or the “recycled” water that is being used to water all the gardens in all the bldgs !

    • Badami Runa its from Godrej soap factory. you get the same smell when you are in godrej campus.

    • Sunil Sharma

      to me it is seems to be a rotting smell of biodegradable material. in fact it is so bad in the early hours of the morning that i have started to keep all my windows closed at night. being an early morning walker i can get that stink right f…rom the torino/ avalon region upto almost the top of the go-carting hillock. it is indeed sad that the envirnoment is not smelling the way it is looking. when the sun rises seeing the youthful greenery and colorful flowers around is a pleasure to the brain cells- but the stench is a real kill-joy. hope the issue can be identified and sorted out. take careSee more
    • Suman Badami horrible rotting garbage smell… lets find a solution to ths soon!!!!
    • Sunil Sharma around torino. not today though

    • Suman Badami octavius…mostly around 8 am..lasts fr abt 15 mis or so..but thats bad enuf

    • Dimple Virginker Wagle I stay bang behind Rodas,we have the same problem and all along thought it was the Ecotel`s bad waste management…..we have been taking up this issue with them for years,but now this seems to be a general complaint all over the township…

    • Sudha Kanago it is a rotting kind of smell (of bio waste gases, sulphides). I am not home during the day so cant talk about daytime, but get it around 10pm and later. Some folks were mentioning the waste water recycling plant in kensington office building. Used to take pride in cross ventilation of my home…no more

        • Natasha Singh-Varshneya I agree.Its in the air in Powai Sometimes..right from Hiranandani to Lake Homes too where I the mornings or afternoons too.