Hiranandani Exploited Middle Class for Super Rich(???)


Mumbai builder, Niranjan Hiranandani, exploited a middle class housing scheme in Powai to construct luxury apartments catering to the superrich. This comes across from a High Court order passed Thursday preventing the builder from selling more than two flats to one person.
In 1986, builder Niranjan Hiranandani was allowed to construct over 230 acres of land under the Powai Area Development Scheme, (PADS), in which 50 percent of the flats constructed had to be less than 40 square meters (430 square feet) and no flat could exceed 80 sq meters (861 sq ft). The objective was to allow the burgeoning middle class to benefit from the scheme.
However, in 1989, Hiranandani was provided an exemption allowing it to merge flats but the amalgamated flats could not exceed 15 percent of the total development.
However, the greedy developer built flats of area 1870 sq ft and 4925 sq ft which are currently priced at Rs 4 crore and Rs 8 crore respectively. In March 2008, a report submitted by the MMRDA confirmed the violations. However, the state government allowed the company to get away with just Rs 3 crore as a penalty.
Today’s judgment came as a victory for petitioners, Kamlakar Satve and Rajendra Thacker. The judges said that the developer could carry out further construction at its own risk. The next hearing is December 18 when all parties have to file their replies.
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