HFS Alumni launches a startup that gives away free stuff every week

HFS Alumni launches a startup that gives away free stuff every week

Grabstr Founding Team. Ankit Moorjani, Adit Dave, Rohit Lala (L to R)
Grabstr Founding Team. Ankit Moorjani, Adit Dave, Rohit Lala (L to R)

Grabstr was started by Rohit Lala, Ankit Moorjani and Adit Dave – childhood friends who grew up together in Powai, Mumbai. They did the usual things children in India are supposed to do. Go to school, get good grades, become engineers and work for reputed companies. Two years after working at Deloitte, JP Morgan and PWC, the three of them got an itch to start something on their own. So they did that as well. They launched Grabstr – a give-away app for users and below is their story so far.

1. What is Grabstr?

Grabstr is a mobile-based platform that gives users a chance to win free stuff every week – no strings attached. Currently in F&B, we have distributed ice creams, beers, Mexican sandwiches, cupcakes, woks, etc. worth Rs. 50,000 to over 500 people in just a few weeks since our launch. We are soon expanding to different verticals and will distribute fashion products, electronic accessories, tickets to entertainment venue and concerts, haircuts – spa treatments and many more. The best and most attractive part for the consumer is that they discover new products every week and get a chance to win it for free. It doesn’t get better than this!

2. Wow! So what are the giveaways this week?

So this week we’re doing something really exciting. We are giving away 10 free runs at Powai Run and 50 beers at Bulldog’s Café. There’s something for the energetic as well as the lazy!

2. Were there any obstacles you faced while starting out?

Many! From incorporating a company to get the product up and running and most importantly explaining the concept to brands that this is a new form of marketing and getting them on-board.

3. Did you have a start-up loan?

No, we haven’t opted for a loan. We are currently bootstrapped using our savings from our corporate jobs.

4. How many users have you gained?

We have close to 2000 users as of now with just a 1-1.5 months of marketing. The best part is since users get a chance to win something for absolutely free – no strings attached, word of mouth is really spreading, and we are adding new users at a rapid pace week on week.

5. What is your target audience?

Our target audience is millennials. Millennials are basically kids who have grown up at the turn of the millennium. People who like lifestyle products, have smart phones, and most importantly love free stuff.

6. How large is your work force and do you intend to expand any time soon?

We are 3 founders, school friends who always wanted to set up our own venture and do something relevant for today’s generation that everyone would love. Two of our colleagues Rohit Haryani (Marketing and BD) and Darshan Pania (Technology) have been our college friends and shared our enthusiasm in the venture. At any point of time, we have more than 4-5 interns spread across business development, creative design, marketing and technology.

7. What is your marketing strategy and why did you choose it?

Our current marketing strategy is limited to social media, particularly using influencers. As our target audience is millennials, social media and influencers have worked brilliantly for us. We are now expanding our strategy to more on ground activities where we will directly interact with customers and show them how they can actually win free stuff every week.

8. What is your greatest achievement so far?

We are still in our nascent stages to have any true great achievement, but we are most proud of putting in place a platform where every week people win new products and services. We endeavor to make this an achievement great when we actually satisfy 1000s of people on a weekly basis.

9. What is your vision for your company’s future?

Our vision is to become a brand discovery platform for millennials. We aim to strike the right balance between helping brands advertise and promote their new launches, and at the same time helping users discover and win new free stuff!

You can download the Grabstr app (Android) from https://goo.gl/IqxYxY