Kusum hails from the beautiful garden city of Chandigarh. She Shifted to Nahar in 2011 and loves the place. She says Nahar is a self sufficient neighbourhood. It has everything available from super markets to schools and clubs. It also has beautiful landscaped Gardens.

Quitting her Corporate Job

Kusum wanted to do something different and decided to quit her corporate job where she was into PR.

She had 3 criteria for her new job.

1) It should suit her personality

2) It should not restrict her at a particular place.

3) It should Improve Lives.

One day while doing Yoga she felt the practise gave her inner peace and strength. She decided to join a teachers course at Yoga Institute Santacruz. She thought being a Yoga teacher will help her achieve all 3 objectives. The teachers course was tough, but she had grit and determination to make it through. She is grateful to the Yoga Institute at Santacruz. She gives Yoga Institute Santacruz credit for her positive attitude towards life.

Her Yoga Teachers Journey

Last 4 years, Kusum Sharma has been taking Yoga classes at Nahar Amrit Shakti. Her Yoga classes are at Orchid Enclave ( C Wing Hall). She combines weight loss asanas with pranayama and meditation. Kusum has further enhanced her wellness education by learning Mudra Therapy. Mudras can cure many diseases. She is also Nutritionisṭ and weight loss consultant trained from ACSM Bandra.

This International Yoga Day Kusum conducted 4 batches. She conducted a class at a juvenile home and then at Divine Child High School. She took a class for senior citizens also. More than 60 senior citizens participated. She also took a class for youngsters which had a overwhelming 50 children. The classes start with warm up followed by pranayama, asanas and mudra practises. The classes ended with some dance and celebration with snacks

3rd International Yoga Day with Senior Citizens


On 3rd International Yoga day with the youngsters batch.


Kusum’s specialises is in Mudras, Pranayama’s , Asanas and Kriya’s. People suffering from Arthritis, Asthma, and Insomnia have found relief through her classes.

Yoga she says is a way of life, it makes a person more disciplined, determined and persevering. It aligns the life of a person and gets them back on track to good health.


At present she is conducting 2 yoga sessions and from 5th July. There is a exclusive fresh batch for Powai senior citizen’s association.


1st batch – 6:30am -7:30am from Monday to Friday . Fees 1600/- pm (for 20 classes)

2nd batch – 7:35-8:15am from Monday and Friday .
(This batch is free for Powai senior citizen association)

3rd batch – 9:15-10:15 am from Monday – Friday . Fees 1600/- pm (20 classes)
4 Zumba classes are complimentary for regular students.

Please Note –
6:30am and 7:35am batch is open for male/female.
9:15am batch is only for female.


Orchid enclave C-wing hall, Nahar Amrit shakti Chandivali Powai


2nd International Yoga day with Yoga guru Smt. Satyavati