Ramesh Joshi is the CEO and founder of Health Through Pranayama. He has had an outstanding career as a senior marketing professional in the pharmaceutical industry, with over 30 years of experience.

His core areas included marketing strategy formulation, sales and training. No stranger to the rigours and stress of work life, he himself took to Pranayama, late in his career and is a first-hand beneficiary of the wonders of this great Indian science.

It was in 2005 that Mr. Ramesh Joshi started taking Pranayam consultancy sessions for students. Since then Mr. Joshi has successfully trained a number of people in this science. Such has been his popularity with his students that most of his first students continue to train under him for Pranayam. His popularity stems from the fact that he starts his first session in the morning at around 5 AM, and travels through the day for 1on1 sessions with various people right from Powai, where he is based to Lokhandwala to Chembur to Colaba. Today, he specializes in treatment of diseases through the practice of Pranayam.

Mr. Joshi has extensive experience in training of medical professionals’ right throughout his career and this has helped in developing an endearing style of teaching Pranayam. One that transcends caste, sex, age & religion.

It is perhaps the reason why that the demographic profile of his students range across every strata of the society. From 10 year olds to middle aged  students to those in their late sixties, his unique personalized style of teaching ensures that the sessions are truly constructive to one and all.

Mr. Joshi has now dedicated his life towards the propagation of this ancient science of Pranayam, and aims to make the society drug & medicine free.

[box]Mr. Ramesh Joshi can be contacted on 9867275198[/box]