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Powai – 24 February 08 : Powaiites, regale and get ready for the first ever community festival for our suburb. Most of us have made Powai our ‘Karmbhoomi’ in Mumbai. Quite of a few of would have been born on this soil whereas others have chosen this to their home. It is the first ever attempt to get the residents on a platform. Scheduled between 27th to 29th April, it will be the biggest ever event on the soil of Powai (barring Mood Indigo of IIT). The event is being organized by the NGO called MANCH in association with ‘Planet Powai’ the local newspaper. This week the celebrated singer HARIHARAN, a resident of Powai unveiled the festival’s mascot ‘Punnu’ a dancing tortoise in green signifying the co-existence of nature and man with a quest for a peaceful life. Hariharan is also an a

dvisor on the festival committee and fully endorses the raison-de-etré for having an annual Powai festival. The festival will have potpourri of exciting events, tossed and stirred with local masalas. The event with a grand mix of entertainment, contests, dance, drama, music, art, culture & food will be held at the BMC Ground opposite Jal Vaihyu Vihar, Powai. The event spread over three days will be divided into two parts with the first half dedicated to the underprivileged and physically challenged children from in and around Powai. Health camps with blood donation will also be conducted on the first two days. The fun-fair will run through the day with game stalls, rides and food. Mornings will have visits from various schools in and around Powai, health camps for every one, contests for children. In the evening along with game stalls, rides and food there will be performances by leading dance troupes, Live music, A fashion show, A beauty contest to crown the Powai Princess, A made for each other contest, A Fancy dress contest, drawing and painting contests, Corporate quiz, Housie, Raffles, Auctions and many other exciting and entertaining events. Sunday, 27th April, 2007 will see Powaiities running the Powai Marathon. The Marathon route will cover most of the housing societies of Powai. Societies will be involved in decorating their route and cheering on the participants. The effort is to enable active participation by all those who make Powai what it is and every resident of and around Powai.