Hangouts @ Hiranandani

Well this is a small list of Hot Spots that I discovered during my days in Hiranandani…First things first, this is not a food review article, hence please don’t take my word for any restaurant or food item as final unless you’ve tasted it yourself and have the same sentiments.

As you all know that I’m a Big-Time Foodie, I’ve discovered food services available in Hiranandani round the clock in the free time that I had living there without friends. (I’m sure this is gonna help you in some way or the other.)

Breakfast Spots

So let’s start with the first ray of the morning, or should I say even before the first ray at around 5am, Hotel Mohini opens its minuscule doors for call centre employee, night shift workers and owls (better defined as aashique, beemar aur chowkidar category people). You are offered hot idli’s, medu wada’s and freshly made wada pav’s with a choice of tea or coffee beverage. This goes on till around 6am. Around 7am, they along with several small joints start their morning business for joggers and walkers serving them tea/coffee and light snacks.

From 9am, the food factories in this area start breathing hot flames and masalas, serving fast food, snacks, and many other delicacies to suit the taste buds of the people rushing to reach places and stopping to grab a bite.

You have Janta Bakery where you get the most tastiest samosa’s and sandwiches in the area. They also offer you packets of idli, rolls, puffs, etc.

MOD, Gloria Jeans, CCD, Mochas,Costa Coffee, Subway, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Smokin Joes, Papa John’s, KFC and Aromas (loved the service) have their regular menu items available to everyone all day. Pick one as per your tummy demands ;)

You also have several fast food corners in the small lanes of Galleria that will offer you everything from Chai to Chinese, Wada Pav to Pav Bhaji, etc.

The Noon Meal

Come lunch time and you have options like Gary’s Menu, Red Olives, The Great Kabab Factory (exorbitantly priced), Chillies, Mainland China, Yellow Chilli, Pop Tate’s, Laxmi (opp IIT)(Sasta, Sundar and tasty), Bistro Grills (avoid if you are a Jain, Half Jain, or a fan of steamy hot food), Spaghetti, Yoko’s, Saffron Spice, Mantra, etc. Also, not to forget the extensive food court on the first floor of Galleria which will serve you everything from Thali to Tandoori Chicken. To name a few, it has small restaurants like Shaolin for Chinese, Nutan for Parathas and several more.

The Evening Chillings

Evenings are the most happening around this area. The old and youth hang out at spots like the Go Karting arena, Hakone gaming zone, Haiko shopping area, etc. Again, to make your evenings better, there are places like the RUDE lounge to get into some good music and chill out. You can also visit Jugheads and Pop Tate’s for the same. Catching on a conversation with coffee is also a good idea. Visit any of the above listed Coffee shops for the same.

What is an evening without some chaat :-D . So you can catch some chaat at either Galleria, the alley between KFC and Rodas or even at Dudh Sarita, Mohini and Eden (opp Janta).

Its been quite some time since the new joint K3 Snacks opened up near Aromas. I visited this joint with a friend recently. And to my surprise, the food was downright outstanding! Everything served mostly hot and with utmost care to hygiene. I tried the Wada Pav, Patra, and Jalebi’s. Each one of them were a treat to the taste buds and they’re nearly worth the price at which it’s offered. So go on for some mini breaks and treat yourself to one of their delicacies because this place is sure giving the famous Janta Bakers a run for its money.

Dinner to put you to sleep

For dinner again you can visit the restaurants listed in the lunch section and try their exquisite cuisines accompanied with a chilled beverage with a significant someone ;-) or with your family.

Dessert forms an integral part of every Indian meal hence you can hog all you want at places like the Naturals, Gloria Jeans, MOD, Gelato, Amore, Mocha, CCD, Monginis, Ribbons and Balloons, Birdys, etc. Also don’t forget to seal it off with the all famous Masala Paan available opp Mainland China.

After Eight Twelve

By mid-night you are almost deprived of all these places, but for people like me who just can’t get enough, there’s one place you’ll surely find something to bite throughout the day as well as at nights before Mohini opens for business the next day morning (even after that). I’m hinting at this small little rickshaw shop found in the premises of L10NBRIDGE and Wipro (behind DMart). He offers samosa’s, dabeli’s, idli’s, poha’s etc round the clock. Not to forget the non-stop supply of chai and death sticks (cigarettes) for the needy. We also have a cycle chai wala at the corners of JVLR and Hiranandani (I personally love the boost milk there).

IITians swear by this joint that they call their life while their stay in the IIT Mumbai Campus, this joint is a small lanky place called Madhu’s Mess. Troubled from the food on the campus, and tormented by project works through the nights, IITians are often seen visiting this well hidden place to grab a bite in the very late nights (or should I say the very early mornings of normal people). It is said that the place is very difficult to find unless you are accompanied by an IITian customer. I never had the fortune to visit this place but have heard only praises about it. If any of you readers have happened to grab a bite here then please post your reviews on the same.

So I hope by now you know where to head for a bite when you need one :) . Contact me for any other details and I would be over-joyed to accompany you on any of your food excursions ;-) .

Happy Hogging :)


P.S: Don’t forget to visit a number of beautiful and luscious green gardens in the area to walk around and burn the fat gained by all the eating.

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