Hakone a division of The Hiranandani Group of Companies at Hiranandani Gardens- Powai was as usual active from the early hours on this 66th Independence Day. The occasion was unique. Hakone had invited special visitors- Children of Mumbai Mobile Crèches as their guests. More than 40 children and their guardians and organizers came at 11.00am and stayed till 3.00pm. All the staff and management were present in person to give the children a gala time. The Vice President – Hakone Entertainment and Leisure Mr. Mark Gandhi along with his active wife Pratibha were present to oversee the event. The manager Wilkinson Fernandes had arranged a sumptuous snack menu for all the guests. The staff was alert and enthusiastic every moment of the event

The children were treated on all the rides appropriate to their age, they were thrilled to be on the Paddle Boats and Bumper Cars as also on the Jumpers and other rides. The organizers were given an opportunity to experience all the thrills of Kangaroo Jump, Dashing Cars and Video Games.
The organizers had just one opinion after the visit- Hakone is the Crown Jewel of Hiranandani always ready to help a good cause. In the past as well as in future Handicapped children , Cancer patients and others such are always welcomed.