A fit & healthy body is the best fashion statement. It not only improves your body language but also gives you immense confidence. ‘Stay Fit’ is the modern-day mantra and individuals who promote fitness have to be fitter than most!Haiko Supermarket located in Hiranandani Gardens-Powai, has taken an inspiring step to promote fitness and well-being. Haiko renowned for its superior quality of grocery, freshest fruits & vegetables, range of dietary & sugar-free products, now will also been known as a Retail outlet to have launched India’s first ever run “The Haiko Run” (THR) for its employees!

The event was held on 11th March 2017, wherein a whopping 228 employees (runners) including 76 female employees participated. The runners comprised of employees from all sections of Haiko… from sales team to warehouse team, from accounts team to buying team, et all. It was managed by 30 volunteers from Haiko, 25 security guards positioned all across the route and 5-member team of specialist doctors from Hiranandani Hospital. The run was indeed a ‘run-away’ success!This 4-Km Run was flagged-off by one of the senior executive of Haiko Supermarket from the Haiko Parking Ground sharp at 6:45 am. The route was tailored in a way to touch maximum residential societies of Hiranandani Gardens. It culminated on the promenade outside Haiko Supermarket followed by Prize distribution and breakfast.

Haiko Patrons loved this event and they were very forthcoming to help us spread our message. They also requested Haiko to allow them to run when this event is planned next year.“ More than anything else, what pleased me more was the excitement amongst the runners and their involvement in the run. Very encouraging to see their zeal for fitness too” said a senior executive from Haiko!

Way back at the beginning of this millennium, Haiko was a trend setter for organized Supermarket business in the country; With THR one can expect the same too! Staying Fitter to serve its consumers is a Retail syndrome. Only time will tell if other retailers take a leaf out of Haiko’s book and inculcate fitness but Haiko Supermarket has set the ball rolling!