Like many societies Golden Oak too organised sports event on 26 th January”Republic Day”-but with a difference.The difference being,the objective of the organisers,that apart from celebrating “Republic Day”,was to bring awareness about Health,Nutrition and ‘Swach Bharat’.Keeping this in mind there were a few races where the participants of all age group had to eat fruits and nuts served in a disposable container had to complete the race by disposing the skin of fruits and nuts and the container in DRY and WET bins separately.This gave an important message of Segregating Waste,which indeed is the need of the hour.The host Mr Jai Talwar explained the importance of Garbage Segregation,and “Republic Day”celebration ended with “‘Swach Bharat” begins at home.

The flag Hoisting was done by the Sweeper of the building,so the REPUBLIC DAY celebration began and ended with ‘Swacch Bharat’ message. Mr Mishry suggested that the flag hoisting should be done by the Sweeper and every body agreed to the thought.

The one in white kurta and pyjama is the sweeper of society Mr Ishwar Bigania