Go Karting Tournament on 25th Oct.


DATE:- 25th OCTOBER 2009

TIME:-9.30 AM

contact details:-

NIRAJ RATHOD – 9892773943

ANKIT RATHOD – 9867954648


Speedsters is the first racing company of Mumbai.

Taking in account the rising craze of racing in India,  we are providing a stage to all those racers who wants to make their life in racing……

As we know Nareyan Kartikeyan is the most popular racer of India,

Just because he got that chance to race in f1….

But there are many more Nareyan Kartikeyans in india, which we don’t even know,?? And that’s just because till date they were not having proper medium to showcase their talent…

But now we will find those world class racers for you, and that’s a promise;


and to achive this goal, the journey starts from go-karting……

Now What is Go-Karting????

Go-Karting is a starting step towards the world of racing.

Here also you deal with all that experiences of racing but on a lower intensity..

You will be surprised to know that, every racer in the world has started their journey from go-kating itself………

So lets enter in the world of racing through Go-Karting…

What will speedsters do??????

Speedsters are going to organize go-karting races in India..

The starting point of this journey is Mumbai…..

So get ready to face a adrenaline rising race every month……

We promise you to give most thrilling experiences of speed.

Soon speedsters will enter in national karting…..

So guys get ready with all your racing gears….

First event……..

Speedsters First event is going to held at hiranandani powai track in Mumbai…..

The race is on 25th October 2009…

It’s a one day event, starting at 9am in the morning…

Race details:-

Qualification Round

1)   at first, every racer will get four laps….

2)   Timing of best lap will be recorded for all the racers.

3)   25 best lap timings will be selected.


  • 1)   the best 25 racers will again get four laps each..
  • 2)   timing of the best lap will be recorded for each racer..
  • 3)   12 best timings will be selected.

Semi finals

  • 1)   in this stage, four groups will be formed from those best 12 racers( three racers in each group)
  • 2)   every group will now have a race of six laps…..
  • 3)   the racer finishing first from all the four groups will be eligible for finals..


  • 1)   the final race will be between four racers…
  • 2)   first three winners will get prises…
  • 3)   the final race will be of eight laps…
  • Go kart invi