A few days ago one of the resident here Mr. Vishal Mehra sent me a message saying ” Lots of heavy machinery gathered at the go-karting track…is another landmark going to perish to make way for yet another high-rise?. Picture credit: purplethumb.blogspot.com

As soon as I posted in on the Powai Info forum, a lot of confirmations came in that the Go-Karting land has been indeed sold/leased to make place for 55 storied, 7 star Hotel. It is extremely disheartening to know that the Hiranandani’s who have created one the finest township in India, see more value in a 7 star Hotel now, its apparent since last few years that Powai (Hiranandani) has to pay the price and will be squeezed out of every open space to deliver more share value to HIRCO. Unfortunately most of the land in Mumbai are owned by private entities and the public has no say whatsoever in its utility. We are rich as individual’s and poor as a society and thats the way it going to be, unless we come together. It is also quite evident that Hiranandani’s vision of a peaceful quiet place “a dream bought by the early residents who booked their houses”, has been replaced by a busy buzzing place with all the entrapment’s of Shanghai, or was it the ORIGINAL PLAN?

[quote]Do all other open spaces, like a handful of them, Nirvana Park, Forest garden or Hakone face a similar fate? Can we as residents and people who live and breathe here, come together and think about preserving or demanding OPEN SPACES for our children to play? OR do you want another coffee shop? Let us be heard, is my feeble plea! [/quote]

UPDATE: The news about the 7 star Hotel is not confirmed , also it is rumored that Johnson & Johnson has bought the place and are shifting there. It is also said that Go-karting arena has shifted behind Powai Plaza, will keep you updated here, as soon as the facts get verified.