Presentation9This centre of excellence offers a comprehensive solution to all Weight management and Cosmetology related conditions and problems. 

A visit to the clinic entails a detailed consultation in which a comprehensive discussion followed by a specific treatment plan is individually designed to suit your concern and needs. All obesity, skin and hair concerns are addressed by our team . Procedures and their benefits are discussed and planned if they are merited. 

Set in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere individual attention is paid to every patient by an efficient and competent team of doctors led by Dr. Varsha Khatry. 

These are ably conducted , supervised and supported by trained doctors and technicians.

Our team also extends its expertise in helping you to make lifestyle changes that will directly benefit the aesthetic aspect of life.

Our administrative staff does its best to ensure that your request for an appointment is well attended to and the center is run in a smooth fashion

We invite you to browse through our website which we have compiled as an informative body of knowledge and experience that you may avail of to make an informed choice for all your Obesity and Aesthetic concerns.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 4.00.20 PMGenesis offers the full spectrum of Obesity and Cosmetic Dermatology services under one roof !!!

• Cosmetic ,
• Anti-Ageing Treatments,
• Laser and RF Procedures,
• Non- surgical weight management and obesity procedures
• Pathology services 

Weight loss and Inch loss

Ultrasound Lipolysis is a clinically proven treatment used to reduce body fats and to enhance the body’s contour. It is safe, painless and works on men and women.
With Ultrasound Lipolysis, ultrasound frequencies are used to break down the adipose membranes which in turn destroy the body’s fat cells and triglycerides, allowing them to be excreted naturally from the body. After the Ultrasound Lipolysis session on the selected body parts, lymphatic drainage massages are applied to aid the excretion process.
Treatment takes 20 to 30 minutes for each targeted area. Post-treatment, the targeted area will appear more toned and contoured. Cellulite will be reduced and the skin will lose the “orange peel” appearance.
While results vary for different individuals, many have seen immediate results. Others reported results after two to three sessions.

Ultrasound Lipolysis has the following advantages over Liposuction:
It is non –invasive, pain-free and safe;
There is no downtime or adverse side effects;It is fast, effective and results are visible almost immediately.

Skin Rejuvenation

Presentation6Skin Rejuvenation Procedures:
• Non Surgical: Face Lift
• Microdermabrasion
• Wrinkle Removal
• Chemical Peels
• Dermaroller
• Skin Polishing
. Three Dimension facials
. Botox and Fillers
. Laser Hair removal

Non- Surgical Face Lift and Neck Lift
It is used to restore sagging facial muscles back to original tone, thus softens the wrinkles, enhances the skin texture and gives you tighter and younger looking skin
Radio frequency (RF) treatment uses electrical pulses to effectively tighten skin & reduce wrinkles. It works by selectively delivering heat energy to the middle & lower levels of skin, to stimulate new collagen growth. Radio frequency remains a popular procedure because it can deeply penetrate the lower levels of skin without causing any damage to the surface skin.

Benefits :
Wrinkle reduction
Skin tightening:
Face – thin line, forehead wrinkles, cheek line, wrinkle around lips, acne, double chin, skin smoothing, deep & light wrinkles, large pores, coarse skin.
Eyes – sagging eyelids, dark circles round eyes, pouch, crow’s feet.
Chest – enhance chest shape, breast beautifying and chest strengthening.
Body – body skin tightening, reshaping, firming.

Microdermabrasion uses micro-particles, or a diamond-tipped wand, to remove some of the top skin layer (epidermis) and stimulate new skin growth. This non-invasive treatment produces virtually no discomfort, requires no topical or local anesthetic, and involves practically no recovery or downtime. Multiple treatments spaced two to three weeks apart are needed
Skin Lightening Treatment / Peels
Peels helps to decrease uneven skin pigmentation. It makes your skin more youthful by stimulating new cell growth
Acne/ Acne Pigmentation/ Acne Scar Treatment
We offer treatments like Microdermabrasion, peels, dermaroller and Laser IPL to treat your acne
Skin Hydrating Facial
Hydrating facial is ideal for dull and dry skin. It restores the skin moisture with the treatment with “ Skin Ionisation “ and gives you supple soft skin
Rejuvenating Glow Facial
Treat that dull lifeless skin with Rejuvenating Glow facial, which gives you fresh, smooth, glowing skin with use of polishing, clean up and gentle massage

Anti- Tan treatment
Get rid of your tan with our Anti- Tan Facial. Combination of skin peel (Chemical peel from fruit acid ) and clean up helps to fade away tanning and pigmentation
Three Dimensional Facial
Three dimensional facial treats your skin with Polishing, Ionisation and Clean up to give you that super glowing fresh skin
Skin polishing
It is removal of superficial dead layer of skin allowing a smoother, lighter and fresh skin to emerge out

Ionization ( Aloe vera gel and Vit E )
It helps to hydrate the skin and makes it soft and supple
Micro needles are dermaroller device improves scars, acne scars , fine lines and wrinkles , stretch marks by process of collagen remodelling.
Chemical Peels
Chemical peels are used to treat wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, skin discoloration, age spots, dull skin texture, and mild acne scars by applying a chemical solution to remove the outer layers of skin and stimulate new skin growth. The new skin is usually smoother, less wrinkled, and more even in color. it may produce reddening and peeling similar to a sunburn, which typically lasts a few days to several weeks, depending on the strength and depth of the peel.

Botox and Fillers

Presentation7Wrinkles can be improved with several methods. Fine lines can be treated using topical products and procedures (for example chemical peels, photofacial IPL, non ablative and fractional laser photorejuvenation) help to stimulate new collagen, and improve fine lines and overall texture.
Deeper resting lines and grooves can be improved with filler injections. Fillers are synthetic substances like hyaluronic acid which can be injected under the skin to “fill out” the depression. These usually last 6-12 months, depending on the type and amount of filler used and the area injected. Dynamic lines respond well to botulinum toxin injections. These weaken the underlying muscles so that the lines are softened. The effect last for 4-6 months, but will last longer with subsequent injections.


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