Link: GARY’S MENU Review.

Well I have been to Gary’s Menu 5 or 6 times by now and the experience hasnt been anywhere close to mind blowing if u ask me. The first very serious grudge
I have against this place is that they dont have a wash basin , forget a wash room!

If you are eating chinese with Churi & Kaanta , then u prolly wont need it, but when u wanna dip ur fingers in some chicken makhanwalla, then u surely would! I mean its so unbelievable that even a roadside dhaba has a bucket and a mug to wash ur hands but this place which is priced much above the average Udipi restaurant doesn’t even have a basin.

I have tried the chinese soups with my friends here on a number of occassions and apart from the chicken sweet corn soup & and the chicken clear soup which had good chunks of chicken, the rest were a let down. Once we tried the chicken manchow soup which was my friend’s favorite and they served something rotten with chicken leftovers I think.

I have tried the chicken fried rice and the quality was pretty decent with the portion being large enough for two ppl with average appetites. Haven’t had much northie fare here, but once I had a chicken masala with rotis. Didn’t quite like it , it was too spicy, I had asked him to keep it mild, and this was prolly his definition of mild. I have a very sweet tooth and hence I dig those northie dishes with sweet gravies especially the malai kofta.

I tried it here and firstly it was too expensive. The malai kofta was 95 bucks!! That was a total rip off. I am actually willing to pay that price provided the taste can match it. But the malai kofta was strictly ok. The portion size was pretty generous but the quality was strictly average. Firstly at this price I was expecting the kofta to be loaded with cashews and raisins which I am able to find even in small places, but I was horrified when I found the kofta to be totally devoid of any. In fact it was bland just like uncooked paneer!

The place being in Hiranandani, the prices are as usual on the higher side. A butter chicken prolly cost u around 90 bucks. I am convinced that most of the dishes here are priced around 30 % higher. The place is tiny and certainly not for large groups. Even the seating arrangements are not very comfortable.

In the non/ac section which basically is very near to the footpath, the chairs are not balance i.e. the chair legs are of unequal sizes which means u will be trying to balance urself and eat. In the a/c section the seating is better but the tables are of little low height which can be odd for some ppl. on the pros the pricing in both sections is same, so I would any day go in the a/c section, i.e. if i ever go. The whole point is that in all these outings I could find nothing abt this place that could compensate for the overpricing.

Much more established and plush places in town are cheaper than this. I have a gut feeling that these guys are a bit better at chinese food than northie fare. And since I find chinese food tasteless thats no good for me, but u might wanna try it.

If u are 2-4 ppl u might consider going there for a dinner. It is certainly cheaper than great punjab located just to its side. Great punjab I think is grossly overpriced, with the quality being perhaps slightly better than gary’s menu. Maybe its not relevant here but remember having a lunch at great punjab where we ordered a pineapple raita. And the curd was sour. That was totally unacceptable. So all in all , I wont really rave much abt Gary’s Menu.

At the same time I wont write against it also. Enjoying a meal is as much abt company as it is abt food. If u are in a good mood with good company, U will enjoy the neutral fare being offered here. But expecting this place to lift ur spirits and do that something special will be too much.