Four waylay jeweller in Powai

MUMBAI: A jewellery merchant and his father were returning to their Malad residence on Tuesday afternoon when four armed men waylaid them near

NTPC quarters on Adi Shankaracharya Marg in Powai and robbed them of 2.2 kg gold ornaments worth Rs 30 lakh.
According to the police, the incident occurred on the busy main road in Powai at 2.55 pm. The victim was driving his white Santro car when suddenly a pista-colour Santro overtook him from the left side and stopped in front. The police said the robbery occurred in a fraction of seconds and before eye-witnesses and pedestrians could react, the suspects sped away in their vehicle with the booty.
The victim, Dharmendra Kawadia, was carrying about 2.44 kg gold ornaments which, he was supposed to deliver to his client. Before that, Kawadia had visited three places at Hiranandani, Govandi and Vashi to deliver 240 g gold jewellery.
Kawadia, who was at the wheel, in his complaint, said, "I was on my way back to Malad when I took the route from Hiranandani Gardens in Powai to exit from the NTPC quarters, which directly leads on to the main road. Suddenly a car passed from the left side and stopped in front. Three youths, armed with chopper, revolver and an iron rod, alighted from the car. The fourth one, who was driving the car, remained inside. One of the three broke the left glasses of my vehicle with the iron rod and the others pointed chopper and gun at me and asked to hand over the valuables.”
The accused allegedly removed the keys of Kawadia’s vehicle before they sped away from the spot. Kawadia immediately reported the incident to the police. Senior inspector Rajdoot Rupwate of Powai police station said they were trying to find out if the accused had followed Kawadia’s vehicle from Malad to all the locations he had visited. "The sketches of the suspects will soon be made, based on the description that the victim has provided. He also reported that the four suspects were unmasked,” Rupwate said.
On Monday morning, in a similar fashion, four unidentified persons looted Rs 15 lakh in cash from the locker of Chheda Petrol Pump after they overpowered the watchman, threatening him with a chopper and a gun. They, reportedly, sped away in a Maruti van after the heist.
Rupwate added, "We are going to compare the sketches of the suspects in both the cases to see if they were the same people.”
The unidentified suspects have been booked for robbery.