Foot patrolling in crowded areas

MUMBAI: The 26/11 terror attack has prompted the police

to make a fresh assessment of security at crowded residential areas. Deputy commissioner of police (zone X) KMM Prasanna has created special police teams that will patrol on foot in the bylanes of Powai, Sakinaka, MIDC and Jogeshwari.
“The armed police teams will swiftly respond to the alert messages by the locals,” said Prasanna. The police have also put up bunkers at select locations. “Foot patrolling will bring people and police closer and help dissemination of information faster,” he added. The team will be provided with information of crowded locations along with the maps and topography of all the localities.
Last month, Prasanna addressed over 250 people at in Powai on safety measures. The police will soon distribute booklets containing emergency contact numbers.
Those who attended the programme bombarded police with a volley of questions like how to identify explosives and terrorists. Prasanna replied, “Do not touch any suspicious object or material. Similarly, you should inform the police if you notice any suspicious movement in your area.”
Senior inspector of Powai police station, Rajdoot Rupwate said the residential complexes should maintain a log book; make it a point to enter the names of the visitors after ascertaining their identities. “The building security guard should keeprecords of all residents and also details of those who stay on rent. The records should be made available at any point of time for verification. Residents of a building should know who their neighbours are.”
Appukuttan Nair, a resident of Powai, said, “The special police team was seen patrolling at important places and is very cooperative.”

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