Multitasking is a challenge but a necessity today. In an effort to juggle multiple things, health takes a back seat. We wish we could have more hours in a day. We have the will but are not sure how to start. Often we seek help from Google or ask family and friends for the tips they follow to stay fit, sometimes we get lucky and find the right information, but at other times we wonder what mistakes we are making when we do not see the results we desire. Our friends and relatives get fit and we get stressed. Sometimes stress manifests into diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, thyroid and so on. How do we deal with lack of resources and time? How can we manage our day, prioritize our chores at home and/or at work to be able to make time for fitness?

Be Goal Oriented and Result Specific 

We often see results in our fitness if we are Consistent, have a Personalized plan and are Motivated every day. Who doesn’t need incentives and support?  That’s what I am here for. Your Personal Trainer, Your Online Instructor and Your Fitness Coach. Whether you want to work at a gym, a park or at home, you do not have to depend on boring exercises or equipments. Training done with proper form, knowledge and intensity according to your fitness levels is important to get good results.  At the end of the program, I do guarantee FIT and STRONG, the THIN follows soon. 

MY PLAN focuses on combination of Core training (Pilates), Plyometrics, Circuit training, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Cardio, Strength & functional training and Yoga & meditation integrated with a nutrition plan customized for you.

Don’t worry, all you need is dedication, commitment and regularity to see results and find a new you. Let me be your personal trainer and I will work at each step with you to help you reach your fitness and lifestyle goals, I will keep you motivated and be at your side to answer your queries.

My plan also comes with access to yummy and healthy quick recipes. Now you do not have to eat bland to look grand.

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Saturdays: Free Fun fitness workshop @ Hiranandani Gardens. 

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Services: Customized nutrition and exercise plans along with 

Online consultation

Personal Training

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Dr. Shikhsha Shah

BPT, MIAP, MBA, Gold Medalist 2006

Shikhsha is a Graduate in Physical Therapy from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences and an MBA from MKU. She is passionate about health, fitness and ergonomics. She Belongs to the beautiful city of Srinagar in Kashmir, and has lived most of her life in Himachal. She is a health chef, a blogger and an avid reader. 

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