Podar International School  IB   CIE

Heard the news about Podar school coming to Powai a few days back, so check with my friends on facebook and looked up on the internet.

[quote]Madhavi Rao They have taken just 2 floors in the back of Knowledge Park Building – Opposite Hiranandani Hospital!!! Nothing had build up yet…they are busy doing admissions now.[/quote]


1. When will the school start?

Academic Year June 16, 2014-15.

2. What grades will commence now?

Presently the school will be available for admissions from Nursery to grade 6
(CBSE & CIE streams). Progressively the other grades (up to grade 12) will start.
Additionally, CBSE Grade 11, Science and Commerce stream, along with
integrated courses will commence from academic year 2014-15 onwards.

3. Will the school management be the same?

Yes, the Trust and the Management remains the same

4. Will the faculty be the same?

Some faculty will definitely shift to Powai, depending on the students and the
preference of the faculty.

5. Will the faculties be trained?

All staff appointed in Powai will be experienced and trained. We will have mentor
teachers from Santacruz school to support the new teachers in Powai

6. Will the standard and quality of education in Powai be the same as that of
the Santacruz school?

The Santacruz school is the flagship school. All academic and administrative
resource materials will be the same in Powai as used in Santacruz school so as
to maintain consistency in academic standards.

7. Will there be an increase in fee next year?

Every year there may be an increase of 10-15% depending on inflation.

8. How many students will be there per class/division?

In CBSE & Jumbo Kids there will be 40 students.
In CIE there will be 30 students.

9. What will the student teacher ratio be?

In PJK – One teacher for 20 students.
In CBSE – One teacher for 26 students.
In CIE – One teacher for 15 students.

10. Will the uniform bought last year in Santacruz will be the same for Powai?

Yes, you can use the same uniform for the Powai school

11. Will the books remain the same as the Santacruz campus?


12. How will the infrastructure be?

The school building comprises of ground floor plus 2 floors with same facilities as
ICT lab, science labs, audio-video room, music and dance rooms, indoor sports
room, and library.

13. How will the sports facilities be?

We do have a small play area at the side of our school building. We will also
have tie ups with the surrounding BMC grounds, clubs and association for a
bigger play area.

14. What extra-curricular activities will be conducted at Powai?

Activities at Santacruz school will be replicated at Powai school.

15. What will be the school timings?

Morning shift: 7:30 am to 12.30pm
Afternoon shift: 12.45 pm to 5. 45 pm

16. Can students avail of the transport facility?

Yes, parents can approach the transport department in April 2014 for further
details on bus routes and fee.

17. Will a mid-year transfer from Santacruz to Powai be allowed?

Transfer from Santacruz to Powai will be allowed till the month of April 2014

18. Is the school owned or on lease?

The school is on lease for a very long period.

19. What are the timings for PJK?

1st Shift: 9:30 am to 12:30 pm
2nd Shift: 12:45 pm to 3.45 pm