Vivero International believes in providing children with opportunities to engage in activities that correlate with their interests and abilities while developing their social and academic skills. Following this principle, the Vivero International School, Powai hosted diverse events and workshops to give children a wholesome view of the world around them.


Following myriad activities during Halloween, Dussehra and Diwali, Vivero celebrated Thanksgiving Day with much aplomb. Although it is a predominantly American celebration the school took this opportunity to engrain the value of ‘Gratitude’ amongst the children for all that they receive. Turkey craft and organic writing reflecting children’s thoughts were conducted and children made little cards for several people who help them at school including the bus attendant, the guard and the housekeeping staff that ever so gently cares for them.

Children’s Day

Celebrating children and their work forms the beautiful fabric of the Vivero philosophy. This Children’s Day the children went for a picnic to the Nirvana Park at Hiranandani Gardens. They played, skipped and danced under the lush green canopy. Children enjoyed feeding the fish and trailing the dragonflies. Earlier that day, the children were encouraged to share their toys and stationery items with the less fortunate children of St. Catherine’s Home at Veera Desai Road, Andheri.

One Nation Reading Program

One Nation Reading Program, organized by Scholastic was held at Vivero on Friday 29th November. The program has garnered a lot of appreciation for its cause of donating 100 books to the library of a needy school for every school that participates in the event. The reading pledge for the event has been written by none other than noted poet and lyricist, Gulzar.

The Vivero children made the most of the program, they enjoyed reading the various books and enthusiastically participated in the reading readiness activities. Enjoying the company of books was the prime goal for the day where every child ‘read’ a book and spoke about his/her favorite story.

Vivero International strives to develop and introduce stimulating projects and activities that seek to understand and respond appropriately to children’s unique perspectives and experiences.