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If you are up to date with your latest fitness craze, you know about the ZUMBA. Celebrity fitness trainer “Beto Perez” introduced the latin inspired fitness program in the mid 1990’s which revolutionized in the past 10 years. The Zumba fitness fever has spread all over the world, with 90,000 locations in 110 countries, according to

Like your favorite hot spot you might even need to stand in line to get a spot in the class. This multi-cultural latin inspired group fitness program includes high intensity cha cha moves from Salsa, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton, Samba and Flamenco dancing to funky latin rhythms.

The trainers call this a big dance party. The best part about this fitness program is that you don’t have to know how to dance or have any dance background. You only have to want to burn off some calories and have fun for 45 minutes. For more information contact: Shivani Patel @ +91 9930020780 / [email protected] or visit

Come join the party – Zumba in Powai

Celebrity fitness trainer “Beto Perez” accidentally introduced this latin inspired dance fitness craze in the Mid 90’s when he forgot his aerobic tapes to his aerobic fitness class. He had no option but to pull out his traditional Salsa, Merengue music from his car that he grew up on in the small town ofCali, Columbis (South America). He rose to the challenge for that day and turned the group fitness class to what is now a fitness craze called ZUMBA!!!

This multicultural latin inspired group fitness craze involves leading the trainer with simple, easy to follow dance steps that helps burning off sweat, shedding that weight, moving your body and having a blast. Call it a party and you don’t realize how fast those 45 minutes of high intensity workouts go. Fitness doesn’t have to be boring anymore.

The Zumba fitness fever has spread all over the world, with 90,000 locations in 110 countries, according to and is now offered in our very own POWAI.

For more information contact: Shivani Patel @ +91 9930020780 / [email protected] or visit

Evolution of ZUMBA© – Now offered in Powai

If you have heard of Zumba, you have heard of the household name “Beto Perez” who serendipitously introduced this group fitness craze in the form of a dance fitness party. The Zumba fitness was introduced toAmericain 2001 once it was hit in his home country ofColumbia(South America) in the mid 90’s where this phenomenon took off. In 2002 infomercials started airing that resulted in the significant sales of ZUMBA videos.

In 2005, the Zumba Academy was created in US, to meet the demands for more certified instructors, as well as for educational purposes. In order to meet fitness industry standards, Zumba aligned with several national organizations such as the American Council on Exercise and the Aerobics Fitness Association of America. This association made it possible for national certified aerobic instructors to receive continuing education credits for their Zumba education.

With the motto “Ditch the Workout — Join the Party,” it is easy to see why there are reportedly more than 10 million Zumba fanatics getting their groove on every week in 90,000 locations in 110 countries. Zumba has also expanded class design to include the active older adult population with Zumba Gold. Aqua-Zumba takes the Latin flavor into the water with a class designed for all ages. More recent instructor training programs include Zumbatomics for kids.

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