The Young Environmentalists Program (Y.E.P.) is organizing an event on Environmental Green Art Competition to be held on the 8th of March 2007 at 9m in the Gopal Sharma International school Auditorium in Powai.
We are expecting over two hundred students to participate from schools all over the city. To create an awareness programme in the field of the environmental subject, participants will be required to paint on the Subject environment for example, global warming, garbage control, eco-festivals,deforestation or pollution etc with captions. These presentations which will be supervised by our Young Environmentalists Team and will be judged by VIP’s and imminent personalities at the event. The efforts of your civic status and organization in trying to promote students to be environmentally aware and to save the natural surrounding for us by the youth community, will not go wasted for sure, as you will be contributing towards saving the Environment around directly. This can have a ripple effect and eventually create the necessary awareness required to save the world from fading away.
Apart from creating exquisite artworks with distinctive environmental themes, a remarkable concern for the environment will be aimed at being established among the special students who are differently- bled like the deaf, dumb and the disabled, besides numerous representations from elite high schools from all across the city along with the lesser privileged youth, who do not get an exposure to the messages, on a common platform.
We invite your school to participate-Junior[class4-5-6] and Senior [class7..8-9] students are invited from each school. Students would have to bring their own colours/brushes and the A4 size paper would be provided for –time for same 9am to 11am.At 12 noon awards ceremony would take place. Looking forward to your support and positive response.
Please register at the earliest.