EMMORZEAL… that’s the young Expressions complemented  with Zeal. Bunts Sangha’s S.M.Shetty College of Science, Commerce & Management Studies strongly believe in the philosophy of going beyond the curriculum to empower & envision its students.

This philosophy leads to an idea to organize an event which crosses the boundary of not only books and syllabus but also go beyond the four  walls.  Thus it was decided to organize an intercollegiate fest having ‘Expressions with more Zeal’ and thus EMMORZEAL came into being.

Emmorzeal is the Inter Collegiate Festival started by the college an year ago. It has break through opportunities for the students with intellect, skills and talents and also a genesis of new talents and also a genesis of new talents.

This year the Festival is scheduled on 8th & 9th of December. Around sixty colleges have been invited to participate and compete.  In these two days we shall have thirty-seven different competitions and games covering disciplines like management, literary, fine arts, performing arts, info-technology, dramatics and others. Celebrities, intellectuals from corporate, academicians and experts are invited as judges for these events.

Emmorzeal  is solely a students’ event, conceived, designed, developed and executed by the students. They work overtime with not only their creativity, innovation and organization , but also using their raw and unseasoned marketing, PR and managerial skills. With such kind of effort and dedication, this fest has a potential to become a brand in the time to come.