Eco Mela at Powai Heritage Gardens Jan 14th! Segregation of waste was made mandatory in 2000 under Municipal Solid Waste rules and again in 2006 under Cleanliness and Sanitation Bylaws, but officials from the BMC  were not able to implement the same a hundred percent as there were little resources then and there wasn’t enough space for processing garbage. Now segregation of garbage at source has become mandatory and one can be fined.
Advance Locality Management [ALM] of Powai invites one and all for an Eco Mela-a BMC and Citizens initiative on Saturday-January 14th at 4pm onwards at the Heritage Gardens ,Hiranandani Gradens, Powai.
“We invite you to take an initiative and represent your building and lane, along with other active committee members to the ALMs event,’ says ‘S’ ward A.D.Comm. R.Biradar, “It is now mandatory to segregate your daily garbage into wet and dry separately and keep all lanes free of litter. A fine will be imposed if residents do not segregate. Stringent inspection will start soon. All housing societies are requested to kindly attend and register  representation of your building at the event.”
Says Punish Sharma of  Meluha the Fern ecotel ALMs Powai- “The ALMs of Meluha the Fern ecotel of Powai is hosting an ‘Eco Mela’ regarding dry and wet garbage, with focus on  networking and communicating to it’s Powai ward and city about the same sustainability habits . The event will take place from 4pm to 6pm at the Heritage Gardens lawns, Hiranandani Gardens where the BMC Solid Waste Management officials and ALMs members will expound on the same.”
Kalpana Shinde, chief of  the Trimukti Sanghatan which collects dry garbage free of cost from all societies will be introduced to all buildings here at the eco Mela  to help implement the wet and dry issue, she says, “We would like all housing societies to co-operate with us so that we can help you free your area of litter. Join hands to successfully launch the wet and dry garbage management here in full Powai.” Demo will b given and she will co-ordinate with all buildings to collect all dry garbage free of cost so atleast one part of the garbage is gone to her ,now the rest is in the hands of the citizens and BMC…..No matter what is proclaimed about garbage segregation the main problem is segrgating at home first! How many of us really have two dustbins.One wet and One dry???

Most citizens blame the BMC trucks of putting both wet and dry back into the truck together again as there are no separate dumping grounds…so a middle ground has to be met where citizens and house keeping of co-op housing scoieites pitchin to promote the concept which is far more talked about and less done…so like charity begins at home so does garbage segregation!!!!

Says active citizen Suman Basu of Old IIT Market area Powai, member of Powai Alms, “All are invited to join the Powai ALMs membership. Each of you Powaites have been known to be a proactive social worker and  dedicated citizens of Powai at sometime or the other so kindly join the gathering. With years of experience and interactions with several nodal agencies in our society many of you have brought about a peaceful and clean environment here in Powai helping solve numerous issues and problems.So be there.”


 “With the help of Advanced Locality Management (ALM) in our ward of the city, the active participation of ALMs members will go far in activating citizens to take responsibility. All buildings must participate.
As part of the task force of the Community-BMC alliance you will surely ignite the rest of the community. The BMC  ward can co-ordinate with your housing society regarding civic issues so as to arrive at solutions. Forms will be distributed and all buildings are requested to kindly register.” Invites Elsie Gabriel another proactive citizen of Powai.