Vivero aims to strike a balance between introducing children to a global outlook and teaching them about the Indian culture. Two events that reiterated this ideology and created a buzz amongst the children and their parents – Dussehra and International Day, were celebrated with much gusto.

Vivero International Pre-school, Powai celebrated Dussehra with great enthusiasm. The festival of Dussehra signifies the victory of goodness over evil, light over darkness and happiness over gloom. Each class crafted objects reflecting the festivity of the season. The teachers observing the enthusiasm in children decided to put together a skit depicting the story of Dussehra in a child friendly way. Children assembled outdoors, after savouring ‘Jalebi’ and ‘fafdas’. The stage was set for ‘Ramleela’ and teachers could not wait to enact the epic drama. The children were awed by ‘Ravana’ and cheered for ‘Hanuman’. They were full of questions about the skit and complimented the teachers on their acting skills.

On the other hand the School celebrated the United Nations day as International Day on the 24th of October. To make the celebrations most authentic, the expatriate parent community was invited to participate. It was a pleasure to see the parents work closely in putting together a wonderful display. The children got to see and experience different cultures from across the globe. Countries like Japan, India, Taiwan, Germany, Estonia, South Africa, United Kingdom and Brazil were represented in the outdoor space at School. Art, music, food, clothing, games, monuments, currency and common spoken phrases of the countries were on display. The pre-nursery and the nursery children enjoyed the food and the games stall the most and children of Kindergarten 1 and 2 could relate to and appreciate the differentiating as well as the common factors of the various countries.

At Vivero, we believe experiences like these will help children grow more accepting of people different from them and cherish the similarities, while appreciating unique qualities of people across the world to truly grow up to be global citizens of tomorrow.