I was surprised to see this status message, posted by Niha on Powai Pals Facebook Group this morning. Read this discussion and if anyone has more information on this, please send me an email at manoj@powai.info so that we can pursue it with the higher authorities. To follow this conversation, join us on facebook, click here

Niha ニハ パティル Patil You guys…tonight I just realized that Powai is not as safe, drunk teens from slum areas flood the place after dark, on motorcycles at that,they ride in large groups and I suspect these are the same guys who steal cell phones and snatch chains from unaware pedestrians. Moreover, I have notified …the authorites myself…but it’d be nice if you guys report as soon as you see them.

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3 hours ago · ·

Anuradha W RamachandranAnuradha W Ramachandran

Will definitely do that.

about an hour ago· 

Anju KohliAnju Kohli

will try to do whatever we can…what say Mannoj?

57 minutes ago· 

Powai InfoPowai Info

I  might sound naive here, but these kind of things don’t happen in mumbai, esp hiranandani?

Maybe more people need to collaborate on this.

49 minutes ago· 

Sachal GidwaniSachal Gidwani

we are with u bro…

42 minutes ago·
Samudrika PatilSamudrika Patil

Its true…!! A few days ago there were a couple of drunk teens from the slums following me n my friend around 8 pm..IN HIRANANDANI near Sankalp..

41 minutes ago· 

Abhay V Kshir ✯Abhay V Kshir ✯

:O !

39 minutes ago·
Anju KohliAnju Kohli

even kids are not spared….few days back my kids were harassed by some teens from slums…lets all come other and do something about it

34 minutes ago·
Samudrika PatilSamudrika Patil

We must ! Lets not neglect this ! It may cause serious harm…

32 minutes ago·
Powai Info

ok, Im sending this email to Joseph Reddy, lets see what he has to say on this.

51 seconds ago· 

Hi even I have seen a few of these kids, and they are responsible for pedestrian and auto accidents as well. Sometimes they drive at crazy speed through hiranandani (esp the quieter back roads)