Drinking is an adult choice, a privilege. Drinking helps people relax, lower their inhibitions, slows their reflexes, makes them naughty and boisterous, happy and fun. It is also the biggest cause of road accidents  accounting  for  nearly  52 %  of  them. Drinking  and  driving  not  only  endangers  your  life,  but  that  of  family,  friends  and  innocent  bystanders  too.

We at Drink n Drive are committed to offering you well trained, courteous and Professional  drivers  for  all  your  party  needs.

All you have to do is call our helpline, book your chauffeur for the night and we will ensure that you and your vehicle  are  dropped  safely  back  home.

Now  the  only  thing  left  to  worry  about  is  Having  a  good  time.

Rates  starting  from  Rs.  450/- for 5 hours*

*  Terms  &  Conditions  apply

We   provide   additional   services   such   as :

  • Professional  Chauffeurs   for   day   time   calls  starting  from Rs. 380/- for 8 hours*
  • Professional  Chauffeurs   for   out   station   calls  starting  from  Rs. 600/-*
  • Permanent   driver   placements.
  • Valet   parking   for   private   functions.

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Disclaimer: Drink N Drive is not responsible for the loss of any valuables in the vehicle or for any damages to it. Rest assured, we are committed to providing you with excellent service at all times