IMG_7121Enhance your looks, elegance and confidence by visiting MOJO MRAKLE CENTRE.

Here you have quick and sustained solutions for various skin and hair problems and to lose weight.

ImGDr. Manjiri Bhusari is a qualified practising Dermatologist , Trichologist and Cosmetologist in Powai, Vikhroli and Ghatkopar. She has a wide experience as a Skin specialist since the last 20 years.

MOJO MRAKLE CENTRE gives a comprehensive treatment for skin, hair and body with the help of various consultants like Dermatologist, Plastic Surgeon, Pathologist and Nutritionist who together help in scientific weight loss and provide a therapeutic approach to beauty to enhance your complexion and make you look younger. With various specialists it guides its clients to transform themselves.

The various treatments available are:


  1. Permanent Hair Removal of Unwanted Hair by Diode Laser.
  2. Hair Regrowth.
  3. Laser Comb Treatment.
  4. Stem Cell Therapy.
  5. Hair Transplant.

Plastic Surgery

  1. Hair Grafting.
  2. Liposuction.
  3. Scar Revision.
  4. Mini Tummy Tuck.
  5. Tattoo Removal.
  6. Vitiligo Surgery.


  1. Instant Face Glow.
  2. Pimples & Scar Treatment.
  3. Chemical Peel & Laser Facial.
  4. Microdermabraision  & Diamond Polishing.
  5. Brightening & Pigmentation.
  6. Dermaroller for Acne Scar.
  7. Botox & Fillers.
  8. Black & White Patch Treatment.
  9. Undereye Bags & Dark Circles.
  10. Tattoo Removal by Laser.
  11. Stretch Marks.
  12. Moles , Warts and Skin Tag Removal.
  13. UVB Light and Colour Therapy.


  1. Instant Inch/Weight Loss.
  2. Body Reshaping and Sculpting.
  3. Non – Surgical Spot Reduction
  4. Muscle Toning & Firming.
  5. Body Composition & Analysis.
  6. Diet Counseling.
  7. Non-Surgical Face & Breast Lift.
  8. Double Chin.
  9. Cellulite Reduction.

Slimming treatments carried out along with a balanced and nutritious diet plan which is customized according to your age, profession, physiological and medical conditions if any for any individual.

Hurry !!! You will not be disappointed! Make an appointment with Dr. Manjiri Bhusari at her clinic to look ravishing and be confident.


Contact : 9833312356/52, 9167317573.

Address: Shop No.12 ,Mayfair  SonataBuilding, Besides Pop Tates Restaurant, Kailash Complex Road,  Powai – Vikhroli(W) , Mumbai-79.