Dr Amrapali Patil of Trim N Tone ™ Declared One of The Foremost Health And Fitness Expert of The Mumbai City As Well As The 'Pride of Mumbai.

DR. AMRAPALI PATIL MBBS, MD, MBA (IIML), Obesity & Wellness Consultant Is Director of Trim N Tone™ (Weight Management & Wellness Clinic)

She has many feathers in her cap and they are merrily on an increase.

For the year 2013 this is a third huge honor in row for Dr Amrapali Patil of Trim N Tone ™. The lady is a sure fire trail blazer!

For, this time, Dr Amrapali Patil has been declared as one of the foremost health and fitness expert of Mumbai city. She has been announced as the harbinger of health.This declaration has been published in the Annual Anniversary publication of the Times Group, November 8, 2013, under auspices of their theme ‘Pride of Mumbai’

This recognition is conferred upon her for her pioneering work towards bringing ethics and science to the currently unregulated and inadequately cared domain of Obesity Treatment and Weight Management.

To put the fact in perspective, World Health Organization (WHO) has declared obesity as the most serious medical disorder of the current century. Being obese and overweight makes a person prone to more than 53 medical diseases – the foremost amongst these are diabetes, serious heart ailments, high blood pressure,  high cholesterol, atherosclerosis, cancer, sleep apnoea, psychiatric and psychological problems and so on.

This being the case, obesity clearly requires precise and ethical medical management by genuinely qualified medical doctors.

Sadly, despite this alarming fact, unfortunately, currently the domain of Obesity Treatment and  Weight Management in India is highly misregulated and extremely commercialized. This has serious and hazardous medical implications and complications!

To exactly address and rectify this mismanagement of obesity which is a serious medical disorder (and not just a cosmetic issue as frequently perceived and misunderstood), Dr Amrapali Patil has pioneered Integrated Medical Weight Management Program ™ which has science and ethics at its core and adheres to the norms of World Health Organization (WHO). The said Program consists of completely medically managed non surgical therapies and technologies. It blends state of art modern scientific technology with the wisdom of evidence based ancient medical sciences.

Dr Amrapali Patil has been recognized as a promising Woman Entrepreneur of the country, 2013 by ISB and Goldman Sachs.

She emphasizes upon her sincere desire to leave behind a legacy of ethical, judicious and scientific health solutions for all.

We need a trail blazer like Dr Amrapali. We need a harbinger of health like her. We heartily congratulate Dr Amrapali Patil upon this achievement of hers and for bringing glory to Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and to the city of Mumbai yet again and all this for the right and ethical reasons. We wish you many such successes Ma’am and are proud of you. We wholeheartedly support you in this genuine endeavor and ethical cause of yours.