Yes, she does it again! Seems like there’s no stopping her and sky is perhaps her limit, or is it ?!! Dr Amrapali Patil, the Director & Founder CEO of Dr Amrapali’s Trim N Tone™ , Weight Management & Wellness Clinic, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai and the Director of Vedicure Group of Companies has been officially declared as ‘ The Best Woman Achiever, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai for the year 2013’. This highly distinguished honor is bestowed upon her by our honorable Minister of Textile, Guardian Minister of Suburban Mumbai, Minister of Minority and Local MLA Mr Mohd Arif (Nasim) khan. This declaration was made by Tejaswini Mahila Seva Sanstha of which Ms Madhuri Singh, an empowered woman herself, is the President. The event was held under the auspices of the theme ‘ Empowerment of Women’ during the famous Tiranga Dandiya held at Hiranandani grounds, Powai, 2013. Tiranga Dandiya, across Mumbai, is a much sought after Navratri dandiya event and destination every year. The occassion was attended by hundreds of revellers  across Mumbai, including the highbrow of Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.

At this time, Mr Joseph Reddy, the dynamic and much admired GM of Administration,  Hiranandani Group said ” Speaking of empowerment of women, Dr Amrapali Patil, has trail blazed an inspiring path for women by her sheer grit, zeal and determination – by first conquering academia by her zillions of educational qualifications the foremost amongst these being MBBS, MD then a management graduation degree from IIM Lucknow. She is also the alumnus of internationally recognized Indian School of Business, Hyderabad”. Mr Reddy continued further by stating that Dr Amrapali Patil has been globally recognized as a promising Woman Entrepreneur of the country, 2013 by the world famous organization Goldman Sachs and ISB. This is related to her pioneering the Integrated Medical Weight Management Program which has science and ethics at its core and adheres to the norms of WHO. ISB immediately mentored, groomed and got her geared further for this role. The locally and globally reckoned magazine Femina has listed Dr Amrapali Patil as numero uno in the ten dynamic doctors of the country, 2013″.

The occasion was graced by eminent personalities such as honorable Mr Mohd Arif (Nasim) khan, Mr Joseph Reddy, Ms Madhuri Singh, Mr Sharif Khan who is the brother of Mr Mohd Arif (Nasim) khan, Mr Ravi Singh, Director of Den Cable Network & Satellite and many other important dignitaries.