Dr Amrapali Patil_Beauty with Brains_January_2014Yes, that is what Dr Amrapali Patil, Director & Founder CEO of Trim N Tone ™, Weight Management & Wellness Clinic, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai, Mumbai has been proclaimed as, by the locally and globally well known magazine Femina, in their February 5th, 2014 edition.

[box]Dr Amrapali Patil, is an MBBS and MD from KEM Hospital and Seth GS Medical College, University of Mumbai. She is IIML and ISB Alumnus. She is also qualified in several other disciplines of Health care. She is a leading Weight Management Expert of India and is a recipient of several awards at national and international levels. Embellished by many achievements in academia, she is acclaimed as a woman of science and ethics.She is known to be a trail blazer and an empowered woman. She is deeply rooted in spirituality and has faith in Karma and good deeds.[/box]