IMG-20131219-WA0021Dr Amrapali Patil, the Director & Founder CEO of Dr Amrapali’s Trim N Tone ™, Weight Management & Wellness Clinic at Hiranandani Gardens, Powai was recently invited as the guest of honor at the annual college festival ‘Emmorzeal’ of Bunts Sangha’s SM Shetty College of Commerce, Science & Management, Mumbai. The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. At this time, Dr Amrapali also judged the contestants of ‘ Global Runway’ , the personality and fashion contest conducted by the said college. Global Runway depicted the culture, clothing and the lingo of the different geographies of the world to represent globalization.

When asked about her take on how the contestants were selected by her, she remarked ” It was exceedingly difficult to choose the winners as all participants were strikingly good. However, it is a contest where some invariably perform better than others and thus turn out to be winners. To evaluate the contestants, what I essentially looked at was the confidence, attitude, communication and creativity of all the participants. Of course ,there were other parameters too such as the clothing, the talk, the walk and the ‘ clock’ which means the apt timing of their performance pitch”. Dr Amrapali later also remarked that such a platform enables students to facilitate their grooming and managerial skills. She said” I congratulate and extend kudos to the principal of the college viz. Prof. Shreedhar Shetty and his able panel of staff such as Prof Ramji Tiwari and supportive students in the form of Mr Mayur and the entire team for extending such an amazing chance to the students to enhance their managerial skill set”. Dr Amrapali also expressed her gratitude at this time to have had an opportunity to be a vital part of this high spirited event.

Along with Dr Amrapali, the contest was co judged by Ms Samudrika Patil, the budding, young and dynamic entrepreneur of Vedicure Group of Companies, Hiranandani Gardens, Powai.